We have grass! (well, just a little)

Hey! We’ve got some grass.  Mam says it’s because it rained last weekend.  There’s not much, just enough to make an odd-shaped run for one piggy group at a time.

I say ‘piggy-group’ because nobody wants to play with Bertie.  Oh, well, Neville says he doesn’t mind playing with Bertie, not too much, anyway.  But Biggles plays with Neville, no trouble.  I think that’s a bit of cheek, because Neville is my cagemate. So if I see Biggles I tell him to leave Neville alone, okay? And then Mam makes sure we aren’t together any longer than absolutely necessary.

Anyway, we have grass, and it’s in the shade, and Mam has been sitting out there at her table watching over us and reading her book-thing.  That’s because we get the cat coming into the garden, and into our house, and generally making a nuisance of itself.  It came in when Bertie was out on the kitchen floor the other day.  Bertie was terrified.  Mam was really angry.  Not at Bertie, at the cat.  We’re getting used to her rushing past us, to get out of the doorway and hiss at the cat.  She tried taking a jug of water with her one time, but apparently it got away.  I’m not sure what she was going to do with the water, but still.

Talking of water, we had baths on Sunday.  We look gorgeous now.  She told us so.  She didn’t take photos though – she was too busy with golf stuff.

Till next time.


2 thoughts on “We have grass! (well, just a little)

  1. YAY for grass!

    I don’t know what she’d be doing with the water either. Humans do some strange things though. Seems to be she’d be better off using that water to help you get even more grass if she wants to be playing with it like that.

    Squeak soon,


  2. So happy to hear you have fresh grass – and you all must look puffy and fluffy after the bath!
    I would think you might get good grass as it gets toward fall.
    Sorry about the cat – I’m sure it is just lonely and looking for someone to love it – you never can tell, though. If it is feral it might think you’re a meal.

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