Who’s who? And an update on teeth

Way-aye, Roscoe here again.

Roscoe stands on Neville in tunnel

How do you like this pose, then? Wor Neville thinks it’s a bit much, me standing on him while he’s in the tunnel, but he’s a big boy, he can take it.

All the news is about Neville this week.  First the update on his teeth.  They are nearly new.  You can see on these photos Mam took of them, how much they’ve grown in three weeks.  First when they had just broken off, then a week later, they’re okay but little stubby things.  Then last week about three-quarters grown.  Mam checked the length of both top and bottom teeth then, and trimmed the bottom ones to make sure they didn’t overgrow.  That would have meant Nev’s top teeth started wearing before they had grown right down, and that would have meant his molars (back teeth) wearing in the wrong place too.  Anyway, the latest pic shows they are nearly back to normal. (If you click the first you can get large pics and scroll through).

There’s a photo on our wall opposite.  Actually, there’s lots of photos on the wall opposite.  Mam says that the one directly opposite our cage is Hugo.  She says I remind her a lot of Hugo, the way I stand looking out, walk up her arm, take an interest in everything.  And the way I’m a divil for plastic bags.  Ooh, yes, plastic bags are great. Apparently I’m the worst plastic bag chewer since Hugo.  Surely you mean the best, Mam?

Anyway, the photo at the other end is of Dylan and Dougall.  Apparently today is Dylan’s anniversary. He pined for his brother so much that he went over the Rainbow Bridge to be with him.  That was today in 2015.  That’s three years ago.  Percy says he knew Dylan, and met Dougall, but he wasn’t well, so he didn’t get to know him before he passed.  Percy says Dylan was a canny chap.  Actually, Percy doesn’t, he says Dylan was a great chap who knew a lot and kept everyone in their place. That sounds like a canny lad to me. Percy talks a bit posh sometimes.

The question is, can you tell Neville from Dylan; and for that matter can you tell him from Dougall?  Take a look at these:

Mam says Neville is more milk chocolate coloured and Dylan and Dougall were more like mahogany. That’s a rich dark brown. Mam often uses long words. And Neville is very like Dougall in temperament, too.  Ah, he’s a bonny lad is Neville.  I bet I’d have got on well with Dougall too. I’m not sure about Dylan. But if he was the boss, and I was happy with that, we’d have got along okay, I reckon.

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2 thoughts on “Who’s who? And an update on teeth

  1. Auntie Dawn

    While D&D were alive I was usually able to tell them apart, but not always.

    Speaking of teeth, guess who broke his tooth again? Yup, young Augustus. We think he broke it on the cage bars. He’s fruit-deprived, you see, and in his desperation for apple he chews the bars.

    The last time it was only half gone, but this time, the whole tooth was missing! Your uncle was worried that it wouldn’t grow back at all, but I told him to give it a little time. Surely enough, I see the little nub coming down.

    The lack of tooth has not diminished Gus’ appetite at all. The only pig I’ve ever known to eat more and faster is the late Saku, the hoover. Saku also broke his tooth sometimes, but he was much older than Gus when he did it, so I figured it was a feature of age.

    Hugo found trouble every place he went, and I’ll bet Mummy wouldn’t have had it any other way. My Mariusz, Hugo’s clone, was just the same. He was ornery and opinionated and perfect. ❤ ❤ 3

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