My lump is back

Sigh.  Yes, my lump is back again.  Percy here, of course.

I have a lump on my cheek.  Mummy and Dr Sally spent a lot of time last year looking at it.  Sometimes Dr Sally gave me a rest on her bed while she took a look at it more closely.  One time I came back to a clean run all on my own while the stitches she’d put into my cheek healed up.  It all seemed very strange to me, but some time in the autumn my lump disappeared (or at least got very much smaller), but now it’s back as big as ever.

Percy in the hospital suite

It doesn’t really hurt, it’s just more difficult to eat with it, because it stops me opening my mouth as wide and also I tend to eat on the other side , so my teeth wear unevenly.  Mummy’s giving me the Nutrimed again.  She says it may have helped to reduce it before and she shouldn’t have stopped giving it to me.  I didn’t mind not having it.  I don’t really like having to drink things from the syringe. Mummy says I have to be a good boy and drink it down, so I do, but still…

Anyway, enough of me.

Roscoe was in the wars at Christmas – as in Bertie dashed up to tell him Bertie was in charge and Roscoe said, “oh really?” Bertie had a good fight with him and by the time Mummy got them to stop, Roscoe had a big bite on his cheek and his back.  He’s healing well, although the cheek one has developed an abscess.

Roscoe with parsley

I don’t know why Bertie is so impossible.  I thought I’d taught him well when he lived with me.  Mummy thinks she should have left him in with me for longer, but I don’t think it would have made any difference, Mummy.  He’s just made that way.  Bossy.

5 thoughts on “My lump is back

  1. I’m so sorry to hear the lump is back, Percy! Hope the diet can get it under control – it must be frustrating. I can see why you named Bertie Bertie Bossyboots! He needs a time out!

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    I’m sorry to hear that the lump is back, Perce.

    I know all about bossy pigs. Mariusz/Hugo were the bossiest of the bossy. I miss them, cheeky though they were.

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  3. Sorry your lump is back. Hope the medicine does its job and shrinks it again so you can eat and chew things more comfortably. I never had to have stuff like that, but it doesn’t sound very nice.

    I also hope Rosco heals up quickly.

    Squeak soon,
    Joshua the degu


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