Update on my lump – I’m fine

You remember I went to the vet doctor and had a snooze so that Dr Sally could check out my lump?  I told you about that here…


Well, I went back to be checked up on Wednesday last week.  Dr Sally told Mummy what the lab had said, which was it probably wasn’t an abscess, although it might be, and it didn’t seem to be anything else from what she’d sent them.  So after a long discussion (they took a-g-e-s) they agreed to do nothing.

I’m really glad.  I don’t need any medicine, and I’m fine with it.  It doesn’t hurt or get in the way and although Mummy feels it from the outside with her fingers, I reckon it’s just the same.  It appeared.  It might disappear.  Who knows?

While I was there Mummy put me on the floor so I could show Dr Sally I wasn’t moving properly.  It was fun down there, although there was a shiny box which seemed to have a black guinea pig on the other side of it.  I couldn’t smell or hear him, so I went away, and he did too.  I think they decided I was walking okay, because Dr Sally bent down to pick me up, so I ran away, and Mummy put my snugglesac down and I went into it.  Dr Sally laughed but I don’t know why.

Oscar went to be checked up as well.  He has a heart that skips a beat every now and then.  They had a long talk about whether this was what was making him lose weight.  Finally they decided to check out his poos to see if they had something odd in them.  They don’t have to send him to sleep to get those, Mummy just filled the little bottle with them the next morning.

So we’re both fine, and Mummy is just being Mummy.  She’s fine too.

We’ve been going out for a while most evenings this week, after Mummy gets back from golf.  She does a lot of that at the moment.

6 thoughts on “Update on my lump – I’m fine

  1. hilarymb

    Hi George – glad all is well and that you and Oscar get to be out in the fresh air. Glad Mummy is enjoying her golf – wonderful days for it … summertime bliss! Cheers Hilary

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      1. hilarymb

        Oh Percy – I’m so sorry … I went off to look too – and then still got it wrong … but I am glad you’re well and there’s no worry … and Mummy can enjoy her golf, you can enjoy the green grass of home … take care – cheers Hilary

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    Mummy’s just being vigilant. Sometimes we vigilant pig slaves notice something minor and we freak out. You should see your old auntie when I think something’s wrong with one of the boys. Not a pretty sight.

    Glad you boys are doing well. Love you.

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