Q for Quiet #AtoZChallenge


Hello and welcome to George’s Guinea Pig World.  I’m Percy, and I run this place with Kevin.  George set it up in 2009, which is before I was born.  I live in a nice cage next to Oscar, and his brother Midge lives next to Kevin.

Our A to Z theme is “Our Favourite Things”

qQ is for Quiet

We have a nice quiet home.  It is more noisy in the morning, because the music machine comes on in the kitchen at seven, which is usually when Mummy comes downstairs and starts doing things.  The music is generally nice.  It’s something called Classic FM.  We like it, but it goes off later when we’re all back in our runs after cuddle time and our run around the kitchen, so we can eat our breakfast and snooze in peace.

Also in the morning, during cuddle times, Mummy has a moving picture box on in the corner of the cuddle room.  That sometimes has people talking, and sometimes it has ticking noises and small bursts of music.  Sometimes it has loud noises, too.  Most of the time it’s not too noisy, though.

The rest of the day is pretty quiet.  If the door to the garden is open we’ll hear the birds singing, and sometimes we hear people moving about next door, or noisy traffic on the road at the front.  If Mummy’s in, she’ll be upstairs next to Kevin and Midge, working.  Apparently she sits tapping away on this keyboard all morning and most of the evening.  I wouldn’t like to do that.  Doing these A to Z posts is hard work.  I’d rather stick to one a week.  But she’s not noisy, unless she has to stop and talk into her handset, or sometimes she reads whole books out loud to her computer.  That’s when she’s doing something called editing.  Kevin told me about it.  She makes lots of tutting noises to herself then, too.


I spend quite a lot of time sleeping during the day, until I feel ready to have a little run around and a bite to eat.  Mummy sometimes feels like running around and having a bite to eat too, and then she comes and talks to Oscar and me, and gives my head a scritch or Oscar a smooth. She knows what we like best!

And very soon, we’ll be going out in the garden to eat grass.  That’s usually quiet, except for flying things overhead and the birds singing and rumbles of machinery in the distance.

Do you have a quiet life?

18 thoughts on “Q for Quiet #AtoZChallenge

  1. Mine is not as soothing as yours, Percy. Editing is a hard job, so you have to forgive your Mummy when she gets busy with that. Summer is coming and you can be outside more!


    1. We forgive Mummy most things, Auntie Noelle. Although she’s really upset us all today. She moved me and Midge into Oscar’s cage and Oscar into Midge’s cage. Bertie and Biggles miss me, Midge and I get in each others’ way, and apparently Oscar is lonely because Kevin ignores him!
      No quiet here today!


  2. Auntie Dawn

    Mmm. I love quiet. I’m an introvert, which is a word to describe humans who enjoy quiet and the company of one or two good friends rather than a whole lot of acquaintances. In the city where I live, it’s very loud all the time, and there are many, many people, so my small home is a little sanctuary where I can control the noise and hear myself think.

    I’ve done editing for some of Mummy’s books. I’ve tut-tutted at a few of her grammatical bombs. ❤


    1. I’m sure you forgave her, Auntie Dawn. I know she thinks the world of you. Kevin says you’re our very special Auntie. I think you’ve met him.
      Thank you for visiting us here too ❤


      1. Auntie Dawn

        Hee hee. Of course I forgave her. You know I have to be snarky sometimes. I did meet Kevin! He was a little tentative around me and Uncle, but he was very sweet and snuggly.


  3. Lee

    This post was too adorable! My 3 piggies have a quiet life besides when they’re wheeking loudly for food☺️ they know exactly when it’s time to be fed


    1. Oh, I’m very good at wheeking loudly for food, and I think Bertie and Biggles have got the hang of that too. Most of the others here are very quiet.
      Except at cucumber treat time.

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  4. hilarymb

    Hi Percy – seems like your Mummy is well organised, and yet has time to look after you all. I live in quiet … no noise in the morning, or during the day usually … means when I venture out the noise overwhelms me sometimes! … I bet you’re looking forward to that lovely green grass – there might have been a frosty touch or two in the last few days … it might even have reached down here … cheers and take care of one and all – Hilary



    1. Hi Auntie Hilary. Yes, Mummy usually looks after us first thing in the morning, and on some days she goes out soon, and other days later, so we get more cuddle time on those days.
      Mummy brought us in some nice grass today; she said if we can’t get out there tomorrow she’ll have to mow it instead.


    1. I used to live with a bunny. He was called Mr Rabbit, and he was even blacker than me. He was okay, but started to boss me around a bit. I went to some different places and then Mummy brought me home and I’ve lived here for eighteen months. I know it’s that long because Mummy interviewed me and Kevin for K the other day on her blog. She’s ‘the Princelings Author’ in the list at the bottom of the page.


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