P for Pellets #AtoZChallenge


Hello and welcome to George’s Guinea Pig World.  I’m Percy, and I run this place with Kevin.  George set it up in 2009, which is before I was born.  I live in a nice cage next to Oscar, and his brother Midge lives next to Kevin.

Our A to Z theme is “Our Favourite Things”

pP is for Pellets

There are two kinds of pellets, and our favourite is the kind you eat (not the kind you poop).

They come in a bag with the name Harringtons on it, and it says ‘Optimum Guinea Pig Food, no artificial colours or flavourings and no added sugar, made in North Yorkshire.’  There are pictures of two piggies on the front, both of which look a bit like Kevin.  It always seems to me that pictures of guinea pigs mostly look like Kevin, with ginger cheeks and a white stripe down his face which goes over his mouth.  Why is that?  Is this a body image thing?  Aren’t black guinea pigs just as handsome?  Apparently red-eyed guinea pigs get a bad deal too, but Fred and George were red-eyed, and they were all-over ginger, too.  But anyway, I was talking about pellets.

Percy with pellets

They are nice and tasty and crunchy and good for our teeth as well as our tummies.  But we shouldn’t have too many or we could get fat.  Hay is best.  Or grass.  With pellets as a supplement.  Apparently.

Mummy says other brands are available, but she thinks we like these best.

I don’t like tomato, by the way.  Kevin loves it.  He would.

2 thoughts on “P for Pellets #AtoZChallenge

  1. Auntie Dawn

    You are gorgeous, P.

    My Atticus had red eyes, being a himmie. I get angry when people reject a pig because of eye color. What does the color matter? It’s just how the pig was made; it has nothing to do with being “evil.” People are stupid sometimes.

    Little Augustus’ eyes have a red cast. They’re mostly brown, but in certain lights you can see a red overtone. Very cute.


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