It’s our birthday!

Dougall and I are three years old today!!  Mummy remembered and made us a cake with three candles on.   She gave bits to the others too, and we all liked it a lot cos it was yummy!  Mummy always makes nice cakes.

We had a good run around on the floor as usual, although Oscar and Midge only went into their part one at a time.  I think they’re still in a mood with each other after they fell out yesterday.  Mummy said they did share their cake, though.

Dylan aged 3

Last year we had a big party in the living room, and Uncle Vic and Humhrey and Colman and Kevin all came.  I think Mummy thought we were a bit boisterous.  We don’t see much of Kevin and Colman now, since it’s winter and they are upstairs in the computer room.  I wonder what they do all day?  They’re asleep right now.

Dougall aged 3

Thank you for our yummy cake, Mummy.

❤ from Dougall and me xxx

2 thoughts on “It’s our birthday!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Happy birthday, boys!! TIme does fly, doesn’t it? It seems like just yesterday that you adopted Mummy. Your uncle Willoughby — himself only a year old — was thrilled to be a first-time uncle, and he would run around and around with excitement. You and he have matured very much since then, but you’re all still a big roguish — especially you, Dyl.

    Your Crazy American Auntie loves you!!


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