I had a bath – so did Dougall

Yeah, Mummy took us upstairs to the white room today.  First I had my grease gland cleaned (it felt nice!) and then I waited for Dougall to have his done.  I was very good and didnt jump out of the bath while Mummy was doing him.  I think she thought I was going to.  I did think about it.

Then we got washed off from the gunk and then soaped with some new shampoo.  It was all bubbly and nice and Mummy massaged us which felt good.  It’s called Gorgeous Guineas Cedarwood and Lemongrass Easirinse Conditioning shampoo.  It doesn’t smell of much, and anyway it’s all washed off now.  I let Mummy cut some of my hair off while I was in the bath.  It was okay there.  I don’t usually let her cut my hair.  She says I look a mess.  That’s not fair, I just look natural.  And hairy.

Anyway, she washed that off and did it another time, then after she washed that off she wrapped us in towels and we went downstairs to be dried and watch the racing and skiing.  Then Mummy blew warm hair over us which was rather nice.  Our hair was dry after that.  It’s extra soft and fluffy, too.

D&D clean and small

PS Mummy says there’s something wrong with the photos on the blog.  Most of them aren’t showing, for some reason.