T is for Timothy

Timothy is a type of grass.  There was a picture of it when I did G for Grass.  It has a head that’s like a furry tail.  It grows in meadows and all sorts of places. It grows sometimes in mummy’s garden and that isn’t a meadow.  The leaves and stalk are nice as well as the head.  Or should I say tail?

Although you can find it in the grass if you’re clever enough, or if you have a mummy who will bring you some back from her walks, most of the timothy we get is hay.  It’s in our hay generally but sometimes we get special hay called timothy hay.  It’s clever, isn’t it, calling hay made from timothy grass timothy hay!  Auntie Dawn gets all sorts of treats made from timothy hay for her boys, Willoughby and Saku.  They love them.  She brought us some as presents when she came to stay.  Wasn’t that nice of her?  I cuddled her lots when she was here.  We had some nice timothy hay twists, which were lots of fun, and we eventually ate those.  I didn’t want to spoil them though, because they were presents from her.  Mummy said we could and there more more in the packet so we ate them and they were jolly nice.

The timothy hay carrot is much too nice to eat though.  I use it as a carrot holder.

Timothy hay carrot holding a carrot

I think it’s much too nice to eat, although we did sample the stalks on the end which were very nice. Hector and Humphrey are saving theirs too, although they ate their string to hold it up before we did.

Thank you for our nice things, Auntie Dawn. Love from Victor xxx

2 thoughts on “T is for Timothy

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Awww, you’re quite welcome, Vic. I just wanted to give you boys something that you’d enjoy.

    Saku and Will are saving their timothy carrots, too. I think you piggies intuitively understand that a carrot-shaped item is a thing to be treasured. But it’s OK if you want to eat it!

    I couldn’t believe how cuddly and sweet you were, Vic. Well, I could believe it, because Mummy told me, but it took firsthand experience for it to sink it. I just loved your little purrs and squeaks. I’m a lucky Auntie.

    Tell Hec and Humph that I loved cuddling with them, too.


    1. Victor

      I told them that, Auntie Dawn. Humphrey went all shy and said something that sounded like ‘Aw, shucks’. Hector just went and hid which is not like him. Maybe he was embarrassed and didnt want to show it.


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