N is for Nectarine

There aren’t an awful lot of things I eat that begin with N.  Not that I can think of.  I like nectarine though we don’t have it very often.  A nectarine is a fruit.  It is a bit like a peach with firmer flesh and a smoother skin.  Although if you asked me to descibe a peach I would say it is a bit like a nectarine with softer flesh and a furrier skin.

It tends to be sweet, but not sticky.  Juicy but not messy.  Biteable like cucumber but not so crisp.

We don’t have them very often.  Sometimes Mummy gives us a slice.  Sometimes she puts the stone in for us to nibble the flesh from if there’s some on it.  We don’t eat the stone.  It’s very hard and smells like it wouldn’t be good for us.  Mummy always takes the stone out so we don’t try to open it.  I wouldn’t try, but Hugo would have done.  Some people say you shouldn’t give the stone to a guinea pig at all but we aren’t that stupid.  Well, maybe some pigs are, I don’t know.

Another thing I can think of beginning with N is nasturtium.  That’s a plant that grows in the garden some years.  Mummy uses the leaves and flowers in salads.  Some leaves are ok but others are a bit peppery.  So you sort of test it first to see if it’s nice or not.  I don’t like things too peppery.  Did I say that when I blogged about Italian Cress?  That can be peppery too.  Nectarine isn’t at all peppery.  It’s very nice.  I like nectarine.

2 thoughts on “N is for Nectarine

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Mmm, I love nectarines. Peaches and plums, too. It’s almost summer fruit season, Vic!

    I like a little pepper, but sometimes your Uncle puts too much in when he cooks. 😡 He likes a lot of spice, but I don’t. Sometimes he’ll make a dish that’s perfect, then add spicy stuff to his own portion. He’s a little odd sometimes, that Uncle of yours.


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