Night storm thunder lightning wind rain

T is for Thunder, mostly at night

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Hello, Bertie here.  We’re getting towards the end of our weekly Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Today is T for Thunder.

We get two main types of thunder.

The first is only occasional, and can be in the day as well as the night.  It’s like a grumbling noise rolling around in the sky.  Then it sometimes goes CRASH or CRACKLE, and that’s often after there’s been a flash of light in the sky.  Mummy says the flash is called lightning, and it’s due to an electrical discharge.  Mummy knows many long words like that and I expect she understands them.

Night storm thunder lightning wind rain
This is a picture that Mummy took of a thunderstorm one night last summer

The second happens most weeks from spring to autumn, and sometimes two or three times in the same week, always quite late in the evening, around the time Mummy goes to bed, and sometimes later. Then there’s a month when it can happen any time from teatime onwards, and that is often louder than the summer thunder.

These often start with a rhythmic Boom, boom, boom, which goes on all the time.  It’s very upsetting, much more than grumbling and crashing thunder. Then there are other irregular bangs, and funny noises, and pop-pop-pop-pop-pop, and sometimes lights and shooting white or coloured flames.  These are very scary.

Mummy often comes to us and tells us not to worry.  She doesn’t seem worried, although she often seems cross.  She says there’s a new survey place where she can report the second kind of thunder. Firework log and survey. It’s for UK people. She doesn’t need to report the first kind of thunder because the weather people usually said it might turn up.  But sometimes it doesn’t so she doesn’t tell us, so we don’t worry unnecessarily.

Actually we’re getting better at ignoring it. It’s not come into the room yet, so I don’t think we’re in danger.

Next week, Roscoe has to find something to say about U.  That’s tricky!

see you


Bertie xxx

Thunder and lightning, and heavy, heavy rain

Percy here, again.  I’m going to ask Kevin some questions, though, because I didn’t really understand what went on last week.

Oh, nobody really understood what happened last week, Percy.  I just know that Mummy kept going out and staying out. Continue reading “Thunder and lightning, and heavy, heavy rain”