We’re all exhausted!

Way-aye, Roscoe here, as usual.

Sorry about the late start today. We had an exhausting day yesterday.

It was Mam’s birthday. so of course we had to celebrate it with her. This wasn’t easy because several other people came over during the day, and they mostly sat in the garden, keeping two people-distances apart, chatting and having tea and sandwiches. Then when the kids arrived, we had to go out and see them too.

It wasn’t too bad. Seren decided not to have jelly and icecream that Mam had made, but she wanted to pet me. Well, she’s a bit heavy handed at the moment. At one stage Mam showed her how by stroking her hair, then she was much better.

She also fed us grass, but kept taking it away again. I think she thought I’d bite her finger. I wouldn’t do that, only if I didn’t know where her finger was. And when she moves it, that might happen. Mam noticed and suggested she hold it out flat on her hand and let me eat it, ‘like with horses’ Mam said. Well, if that’s what horses do, it works for us, too.

Anyway, after everyone had gone, Mam let us stay out on the grass for a bit longer, while she had a nap. It was quite a long nap, but we forgave her, and we were fine in our run, tents and tunnels. The grass was nice, too.

Roscoe on the grass

Then Mam spent quite a long time on the computer talking to Auntie Sophie, who sent her some pictures of lovely looking chaps. Bit too much competition for me, I think, but the Sheltie and his mate the ginger one with the white hat looked nice. Mind you, the pink-eyed whites looked nice as well. Auntie Sophie said they were very clever. More competition.

But Mam eventually decided that it really was too much for her to drive up and back in one day, and to do it by train means going through London, and that’s an avirus place, so she’s not going there. And even more important, she really wants to get to know the guinea pig people near here, so she has her ‘support group’ whatever that is. So she’s going to email them again to see how things stand.

It would be nice to get that other run filled with some new friends. Then again, we can’t go on holiday to a cottage somewhere once there’s more than four of us. Although… Mam did used to say ‘more than two cages worth,’ and we’ve been in three for ages. Maybe she’ll change her mind.

So that’s this week’s news, and an explanation of why I’m late posting. Oh, I didn’t really explain that, did I? Yes, couldn’t get on the machine last night, because Mam was talking to Auntie Sophie, and this morning… well, we’re all still exhausted.

See you next week


Roscoe xxx

5 thoughts on “We’re all exhausted!

  1. I’m glad you were just getting a late start because you were exhausted from the fun birthday celebration yesterday, and also that Seren learned to pet you nicely and feed you grass. Also, happy birthday to your Mam for yesterday, from me and my Mummy.

    Maybe you guys could still have holidays by the three of you being in one cage? Would you guys get on well enough for all three of you to live together for a few days? Because maybe that’s her plan for future holidays: a cage for the new chaps, and a cage for you to share with Neville and Biggles. Just a thought. Either way, whenever she decides who will be the lucky new additions to your household, I hope they’re friendly types.

    Squeak soon,

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  2. hilarymb

    Happy Birthday Jemima … and well done Roscoe for letting us know why you’re late today! Sounds like fun – considering where we’re at in life … just glad you had sun and some lovely green grass: the party looks fun … all the best – let’s hope next year we’ll be under control … all the best – Hilary

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  3. Auntie Dawn

    I’m glad Mummy had fun for her birthday.

    I love shelties, and white hats, and pink eyes; I’ve had all three kinds!

    And I love you boys.


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