D for Dandelions #AtoZChallenge

Will I be all right in this bath thing?
Will I be all right in this bath thing?

Hello and welcome to George’s Guinea Pig World.  I’m Percy, and I run this place with Kevin.  George set it up in 2009, which is before I was born.  I live with Bertie & Biggles in a nice cage next to Oscar, and his brother Midge lives next to Kevin.

Our A to Z theme is “Our Favourite Things”

dD is for Dandelions

Personally I think dandelions are over-rated but everyone else adores them.  There’s even a moving picture on our YouTube page showing George eating a dandelion right from the stalk end to the flower.  Only Mummy can’t find it.

Here’s a photo of Victor eating one instead.

Mmm Dandelion
Mmm Dandelion

Come back tomorrow for the letter E

3 thoughts on “D for Dandelions #AtoZChallenge

  1. They do seem to be strangely popular, don’t they?
    As a child, I was once reduced to screaming tears when a German shepherd came up to me and ate the one I’d picked to give to Grandma.
    I haven’t really like German shepherds since…

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