My week, by Percy

We didn’t go outside last week.  It was very rainy.  Mummy said it was cold.  She didn’t even bring grass in for us. We had some dandelion leaves though. They were from Auntie Heather next door. I thought we might go outside yesterday.  Mummy went out very early.  Then she came in and we had cuddles as usual.  Then we went out again.  When she came back she said the grass was too wet.  She picked some for us though.

We do get out of our cages.  After cuddles every day we run around on the floor.  There are things to play with.  There’s a box of hay to jump into and eat.  There are tunnels.  Big ones and small ones.  What I like most is running around the edges.  Sometimes Mummy stands by the edge.  She does things on top of the edges.  I discovered I can run over her foot.  You have to be careful because sometimes she moves her feet.  Her feet are about the same size as me.  Oscar and I spend a lot of time under our cages.  There are boxes and tables on legs.  It’s fun running behind them and between them.  There are lots of old smells there too.  Messages from people from the past.  I don’t know who they are, though.  Maybe Kevin will tell me what he knows about them.

I’ll tell you if he does.

Have a nice week.

Oscar on the floor

3 thoughts on “My week, by Percy

  1. Auntie Dawn

    It’s been cold and rainy here too, but if the forecast is correct, we’ll see spring in a few days.

    I think Roland the adventurer is detecting smells left by his predecessors Mariusz and Willoughby: he goes right for the space under the bird cage. I also think he’s getting message from Mariusz. We caught him as he was about to sneak into the kitchen, forbidden territory! He’s becoming quite a scamp.

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