Bertie in tthe tunnel

The sun has stopped shining on me

It’s sunny today.  Yesterday was dull and wet and windy.  Mummy still went out in her golfing uniform.  I think she has a special coat for golfing in rain.

I have noticed that the sun has stopped shining on the end of my cage.  This is very puzzling.

When I was upstairs, the sun didn’t shine on my run until after Midge died.  Then it started shining on the end of my run in the afternoons.  Mummy moved my water-bottle so it didn’t get shined on.

Bertie at end of run

Then when I came downstairs, after Percy died, the sun shone on my waterbottle earlier in the day, but after it had checked out Biggles’s cage.  You could tell it was coming because it would stop shining on Biggles’s cage, (although Mummy had a cloth across the end of it so his waterbottle was in shade), and then it would come to mine.  So Mummy put a cloth across the top of my cage too.

Bertie in the grey cage

It was strange, because then it tried to creep forward to get in the cage anyway.  Then it gave up and started to move further back, and now it’s stopped shining in my cage at all, although it’s still looking in Biggles’ cage.  But not for long.

Mummy took the cloth off my cage today saying I didn’t need it any more, because it’s getting towards autumn.

So I’ve been sitting in my tunnel, watching the sun move across the wall and puzzling it all out.

It’s still a puzzle.  I don’t think it’s anything to do with Midge or Percy, though.  That was just coincidence.

The sun’s still there when we go out in the garden.  Mummy moves us around a lot, but we have small runs with lots of grass in them.  Do we prefer large runs with no grass or small runs with lots of grass? Tough call.

So many things to think about.  I’d better have some hay while I chew it over.


Bertie xx

Equal night and day time

After Auntie Dawn hinted to look up Galileo after my Think Piece on The Moon, I began to understand something else I had been considering, namely why the night is the same length as the day twice a year.  Coincidentally, my piece last week about The Moon was at the autumn version of this “Equinox” as it is called.  I am going to cheat a bit and, by the magic of blogging, set this post to be published at the Spring Equinox. Continue reading “Equal night and day time”

What is The Sea?

This is the third of Fred’s Think Pieces, or at least the third of those he had started that is easiest to finish on his behalf.

I realise that most piggies will never encounter the Sea.  This is a shame as our name in other languages is closely related to our history as ship pigs.  ‘Little Sea Pigs’ is what the term translates as in Dutch and in German and a few other languages as well.  The Guinea in guinea pig refers to a country on the north coast of South America, and other languages, like French, call us Pigs of the Indies, meaning the West Indies.  History books tell us that sailors brought us back to England as pets.

So even if you never see the Sea you should know a little bit about it, and give some Thought to its true nature. Continue reading “What is The Sea?”

Why is the Wind?

This is the second of Fred’s Philosphicals, his Think Pieces, which was unfinished when he died.

Why is the Wind?  This is the subject of my second Think Piece, and I must admit it is the one that intrigues me most.  Mummy is quite correct to identify the Wind Experiments as one of Princeling Fred’s Great Works.

By observation, we can feel that the wind is a movement of air.  Exactly what air is I am not going to explore further but state that I am considering it to be a thin fluid, like water but much much thinner, so we can see through it and can’t actually see it unless there are clouds travelling in it.  In fact the clouds could be considered to be a bit like pond weed or muddy water travelling in a river.  I am lucky enough to live by a river, so I have used the technical process of Analogy and applied it to my Wind Thinking. Continue reading “Why is the Wind?”

Moon Thinking

Before I start talking about the Moon I’d like to state a few thoughts about Thinking.  Thinking does not come entirely naturally to guinea pigs, often because we lack the stimulus of Observation, which is essential to any Natural Philosopher.  There are Philosophers who Think thoughts that are purely about Ideas, and this may be something that pigs in Hutches and in The Wild do during long winter nights when it is all dark and quiet (well I assume it is).  This is also how the tradition of Storytelling came about.  Those of us in Cages generally get to see more of the natural world at all hours of the day and night and therefore have greater opportunity for Observation. Continue reading “Moon Thinking”

New Philosophy page

Mummy has made me a whole new page and a post category for my Thinking.  You know I’m the Philosopher, that’s my nickname.  Well, because Auntie Dawn suggested it, I’m going to write about some of my Thinkings from time to time.  I hope you enjoy it.

The new page is under “Chez George”.