Noisy week!

Way-aye, Roscoe here again.

Was it noisy where you are? It was noisy here. Fireworks at night, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. No idea why. Mam was watching the guys sliding down hills all day, every day (well, mostly). The man telling us who was who and how far they’d gone.

It was all a bit too noisy for me. I ended up curling up on the hay and sleeping through it.

I don’t know what Biggles did to deserve it, but he got a bath. Nobody else did, although Mam says I need my grease gland doing. Sigh. Biggles didn’t seem very happy in the bath – we heard him from here! Buthe seems very happy now. I’ll let him explain about it next week. There must be an explanation. Mam wouldn’t up and bath just one of us for no reason.

You can see we’re in January now. All the Christmas decorations have come down. Save for the Christmas tree. Mam says she’ll take that down tomorrow, in time for Twelfth Night, or whatever you want to call it. She had to go to the doctor again today, and she wasn’t sure whether she’d have to look after her eye for a few days, so she got the tinsel and things like that down early. She warned us last night that she might not have time to cuddle us properly today, but she’ll give us breakfast before she leaves. Which is a few minutes after I post this. So she hasn’t cuddled us, but we’re getting breakfast. Good priorities, Mam.

I hope you had a happy new year celebration, and made lots of resolutions that you’ve already broken. We had a nice time with Mam, until the fireworks started. Well, they started about six, and went on till well after midnight. Then Mam went to bed and another lot started. But we’re all used to them now. They aren’t as loud as the hairdryer Mam used on Biggles!

That’s it for now, see you next time.


Roscoe xxxxx

4 thoughts on “Noisy week!

  1. Hey, Roscoe, you must have snow (that white stuff that covers your garden) if guys were sliding down hill. We were pretty quiet here on New Year’s Eve – only some very distant fireworks. I think people were pretty tired of last year and went to bed!


  2. Sorry I’m late in here this week. Mummy wasn’t feeling too good. Something about upset tummies. She’s fine now, but she wasn’t using the computer much when she wasn’t feeling good, so it was hard for me to get in here.

    Anyway, it wasn’t too bad here. There were a whole bunch of fireworks around midnight on Thursday night/Friday morning, but that’s it. Nowhere near as bad as it was where we lived before. I wasn’t bothered by them, and even the dogs didn’t bother getting up to make a fuss about them. Artemis had long since dug in for the night, so I don’t think she even noticed. To be honest, that tortoise doesn’t notice much. She didn’t notice when the white stuff fell out of the sky either. Did you get any of that where you are? Mummy was really happy, because we got it a few times, even if it wasn’t loads of it.

    Weird about just Biggles getting a bath. Hope he’s OK.

    Our decorations came down on Monday – tree and all. Apparently that was the best day for Nana to help Mummy do it. Since it was Monday night Mummy’s tummy got upset, and it’s only today she’s started feeling better, she says she’s glad they got done when they did though.

    Yes, it sounds like your Mam has her priorities right: breakfast must not be skipped! Hope her eye is doing OK.

    Squeak soon,

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