Nothing’s happened

Way-aye, Roscoe here.

Nothing happened last week.

Well, it rained a bit, then we went out the next day when it was dry, but it wasn’t too hot, so that was nice. Same old, same old. It rained today, too.

Mam said I hadn’t posted and I said there was nothing to say.

She agreed, but suggested I post something anyway, because you might worry. Especially as I’d had that medicine last week. I didn’t really need it, but it was nice anyway. Mam says sometimes her aches and pains are like that. Something and nothing.

So, we’re all fine, and nothing’s happened. Maybe this week will be more exciting.


Roscoe xxx

One thought on “Nothing’s happened

  1. Sometimes nothing happening is a good thing. Also, yes. If the internet thingy had been working and there hadn’t been a post from you, we would have been worried. As it was we were wondering how you were all doing, and what news of yours there would be to catch up on when we got the internet thingy working again. Squeak soon, Mollie


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