Sorry I’m late to celebrate Victor’s day

I was going to be a day late, anyway, because Victor’s leaving day was yesterday, two years ago.  It does seem a very long time.  But now I’m late because we couldn’t get onto WordPress yesterday, and we guess nobody could because we couldn’t see Auntie Noelle’s page, or Uncle Lord David’s page either.  But we’re back now, and I expect they are too (wave).

The Jubilee Seven
The Jubilee Seven: Dylan, Dougall, Kevin behind Colman and Hector, Humphrey and Victor

Mummy and I had a long reminisce about the days when we (Colman and I) ran around with Victor, and Humphrey, and the kids as they were then, Dylan and Dougall.  I’m the last of the Jubilee Seven, you see.  I try to tell stories of those days to the kids here now, Oscar, Midge and Percy. Percy met Dylan and Dougall of course, and Oscar and Midge met Hector and Colman as well, but they didn’t talk to them much, and I don’t think they remember much about them.  It’s a shame because they were great people.  Especially Victor.  Who knows what a lunatic Dylan would have been if he hadn’t had Victor’s kind, steadying influence in his early days.  Well, possibly like Hector, who had Humphrey, but they both went through such a bad time Hector was, well, quite odd.  None of us really had anything to do with him, because he was so angry at everything.

Victor and Auntie Dawn
Victor and Auntie Dawn

But this is supposed to be about Victor, who was something special.  I’m nearly as old as he was now, but fortunately I haven’t had all the trouble he had with his bottom, which he had for years and must have been very uncomfortable for him.  Mummy said he was an adorable pig who enjoyed being adored.  I think that’s right.  I don’t want to be adored, just cuddled, Mummy.

Victor 200214

4 thoughts on “Sorry I’m late to celebrate Victor’s day

  1. Those are sweet memories of Victor and you are so kind to share them, Kevin. I know you miss him lots. Enjoy those cuddles with mummy and there’s nothing wrong with being both adored and cuddled!!!!

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    I remember when that photo was taken! Uncle and I had just arrived, and we sat on the couch and met everyone. I was beyond thrilled to meet Victor, whom I had been hearing about for years (we were also delighted to meet Fred, Hec, and Humph). I don’t think he’d ever met crazy Americans before, but he was so kind and gentle with us, it was as if he’d known us for years.

    I remember another day, when Mummy, Uncle, and I were sitting watching TV, and Uncle was rummaging around in Victor’s behind to get the stuck poos out! Vic took it all like a champ. Maybe they related on a boy-to-boar level, but it was so funny and touching.

    I called him Auntie’s Angel, and he was just that. He and Momma’s Angel, aka Saku, were the two sweetest pigs I’ve ever known. I believe, though, that Vic was more patient with other pigs than Saku was. As sweet as he was, Saku didn’t have much patience for his big brother’s, and later his little brother’s, shenanigans; Vic put up with the infamous Hugo for years with no complaint. What a star.

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