Mummy’s still sad

Kevin here today.  Percy did a jolly good job last week, didn’t he?  He asked me to take over today because we came out of mourning on Friday and he wasn’t sure what to say.

Neither am I, of course.  It seems a long time since Dylan left us to go over the Rainbow Bridge, but it seems Mummy’s only really been realising it over the past couple of weeks.  She told me she couldn’t believe he’d gone and it was because he missed Dougall so much, and I think for the first four weeks she was really numb, you know?  And she said for the last week or so she’s been crying because he’s gone, and she missed his geeky face looking at at her, and him trying to bite her nose – just playfully, of course.

I miss him when we’re out on the grass.  There are only the four of us, which means we have lovely big runs, and because Oscar and Midge can’t be left together I stay with Midge, and Percy runs around with Oscar.  Oscar still tries to shake the fence down between us.  He’s a scamp.  I get on fine with Midge, unless he’s trying to be bossy.  But I miss Dylan, and I miss Colman too, when we’re outside most of all.  But I reckon they’re having a great time over the Rainbow Bridge and Col hasn’t got any arthuritis to slow him down, so that’s good.  I’m having the nice biscuits he had for his arthuritis, one after cuddle time every day, and they’re very tasty.  I’m not having tubejuice any more, which is good too.  I wish Mummy would sort out the top of the ramp tunnel, though, it seems to need some glue or something.

Anyway, it just shows that seven weeks may sound a long time but someone very wise knew what they were doing when they made that our tradition.

Mummy took some videos of us on Friday and said she’d put them on our Youtube page.  So if she has, she’ll tell you how to get there at the end of this message.

Have a nice week.  Let’s hope the sun shines and the grass isn’t too wet. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Mummy’s still sad

  1. Kevin, grief takes a long time to work through and sometimes the sadness never really leaves us – we only learn how to live with it better. One day the thoughts, memories and photos that make us cry today will make us smile. It takes time and patience to get there. Love you all.

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    Oh, I know how that is, Kev. As your mummy remembers, the death of your uncle Mariusz hit me hard and immediately, and I was out of it for weeks. The deaths of uncles Saku and Willoughby hit me less hard in the beginning; I think I was numb. But the brunt of the pain hit eventually.

    All three cases have been devastating, and I continue to mourn them. But the boys are happy, hanging out with Col, D&D, F&G, and V&H. The rascals are no doubt causing mischief, but Fred, George, Vic, and Saku are reigning them in.

    Be good to Mummy and give her lots of cuddles, ok, Kev?

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  3. Percy did a great job for you Kevin! I can really understand why grief can take a long time and sometimes never to get over. I have had a few feline friends who still bring tears to my eyes when I think if them! Glad to hear you are getting outside!

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