Yay! It’s February!

That means we might go out in the garden next month.  Some years we have, only for an hour or even half an hour, if it’s been dry, sunny and warm enough. We often do go out in March.  I don’t remember if we did last year, I remember it was cold and wet, or at least the grass was, in fact it was late April before we went out regularly.

Out with the snowdrops

Oh, Mummy’s found a picture that shows we went out for a short while in February 2015, just me and Dougall.  You can see the snowdrops in the foreground and the white stuff over the leafy plants to protect them from frosts.  And Dougall in front of our fleecy tunnel. I miss Dougall.

We haven’t had many frosts this year.  Just a few a couple of weeks back and some before Christmas. Mummy’s been bringing grass in from the garden for us, though.  It’s not as nice as it can be, but it’s not bad.  It’s beginning to taste sweet like it does in spring.  Some of it.  I think it depends what part of the garden she gets it from.  I like grass.  It’s my favourite.  I’m off carrots at the moment, they’re too hard to crunch.  Mummy says my teeth need attention and she’s going to take me to see Uncle Barry and Auntie Shirley soon.

Oh dear.

3 thoughts on “Yay! It’s February!

  1. I know you’re still missing Dougall! Keep a strong heart, and remember spring is coming. Hopefully there will be more of that sweet grass soon.Take care of your teeth – I like carrots, too.

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    It’s usually too cold here in March for pigs — not that I have a garden anyway. Maybe someday I’ll have a gorgeous garden like Mummy’s. Of course, such a garden would take a lot of work. That’s why I have your uncle. 😀

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