Roland arrived on the scene in January, after Willoughby went over the Rainbow Bridge very suddenly. He lives with Auntie Dawn and Uncle Wayne, presumably in Mariusz’s old cage.  I wonder if M left him any messages.

We know he’s not very old, but not exactly how old – a matter of months, anyway.  He was very small and skinny when he arrived, but now he weighs 940 gms which is about the same or even more than Hector!  He needs to develop a bit, that’s all.

He’s gradually settling in to the crazy world of Castle Hattan, and who knows whether he might appear in a book one day?  He appears on Facebook every Wednesday on Auntie Dawn’s pages.  The hashtag is ⌗wolandwednesday

What’s a hashtag, Auntie?

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  1. Auntie Dawn

    Thanks for this, Kev. I’ve been having a lousy week so far, but you brightened my day.

    Roland lives in the cage that was Mariusz’s and Willoughby’s. I believe they left him several messages; in fact, R has been saying that he wants to be a ninja! I wonder where he got that from. But I’m not allowed to know very much, since it’s a pig thing.

    If you want to find out about his namesake, you can read this:

    I think little Roland has the makings of a hero. Whether he’s going to be a ninja or a gunslinger is anyone’s guess. Maybe your mummy knows.

    He’s gotten bigger since we weighed him that time. I need to weigh him again. He’s filling out nicely, with lots of muscle. Lord knows he eats A LOT.

    A hashtag is a thing that humans use on Facebook and Twitter to organize information. If you click on the hashtag, you’ll be taken to other posts with that same hashtag. Mummy knows and will explain it in more detail.

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