My A to Z Theme


Today a whole lot of people who are doing the A to Z Challenge next month will be telling everyone what their Theme for the month is. And Mummy’s signed us up on a list so people might come and say hello.

Just chillin

Hello!  I’m Dylan (on the hammock), and this is my brother Dougall.  He’s not blogging but I’m sharing with work with Kevin, who lives upstairs.  This is Kevin.

Fresh February grass

You may have noticed that we’re guinea pigs (cavies).

And we’re going to be blogging from A to Z about our FRIENDS.  Sometimes we might have to include some other topic.  We don’t know anyone whose name begins with Q, for example.  Mummy did suggest something we could blog about for Q but I’ve forgotten what it is.

We’d like to meet other anipals who are blogging from A to Z.

Mummy’s setting up a clever list for me in case you want to make a special Anipals link-up.  It’s here and it opens in another page. 

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She says if someone else is already doing this we’ll close this list and make a new link to the other list.  It all sounds very complicated to me.  I might need Mummy’s help.

She’s also blogging from A to Z.  She’s Jemima Pett and she writes books starring us.  Well, Kevin’s one of the baddies.  I don’t know if that means he’s starring or not.


14 thoughts on “My A to Z Theme

    1. I don’t think so, Mister Alex. Cavies is the formal word, I think. Most European languages have a word like cavy or a word like ‘Little Sea Pigs’ or ‘Pigs from the West Indies’ – or so Mummy says. Our latin name is cavius porcinus or something like that.

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    1. Oh :O We never pee on people unless we’re desperate. We tell her when we need to go. And Mummy usually has a thick towel on her lap in case of accidents. You know how it is.


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