Monday is Mariusz Day

Mariusz himselfIt’s four years since Uncle Mariusz left Auntie Dawn and Uncle Wayne and went to the Rainbow Bridge.  I think Auntie Dawn will be extra sad today because after Mariusz went, she got Willoughby, and of course he went earlier this month too. 😦

We never met Mariusz, but we know all about him and how he was Hugo’s double, except he was even more headstrong than Hugo.  Hector liked Hugo and tells us stories about him.  So we know everything that went on.  Mummy wrote a story of the Passing of Lord Mariusz, because he’s important in her books.  He keeps turning up in them so he must be important.

Sendings smooches to Auntie Dawn today. xxxxx

3 thoughts on “Monday is Mariusz Day

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Thank you, Dyl. It’s been rough. Both M and W passed suddenly while they were in the prime of their lives. One day, here and being burly, boisterous boars; the next, gone. Will was only 4. We don’t know how old M was, but he passed much too early.

    The sadness never goes away; you just learn to live with it. But I would be in much worse shape if I didn’t have you boys to comfort me. XXXOOO

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