I took Dougall to the vet

Well, Mummy took both of us in our box, of course.  I don’t drive.  I would, I’d be brilliant, but I can’t reach the wheel and the pedals at the same time.

Dougall’s had a lump on his hip, and Mummy thought it was a fatty lump that would go in time.  Then it got crusty and yucky and she decided it had to go to the vet.  Since it was attached to Dougall, he had to go too.  And I went because I go everywhere with Dougall to make sure he knows what’s going on and isn’t scared.

We came home again but he’s going back tomorrow to have it off.

We didn’t bring Hector home, because he went along for a check up and Dr Sally said his teeth were bad again.  Mummy was surprised because they were only done just before Christmas.  Dr Sally’s going to trim them down extra specially, and hope Hec feels like eating after she’s done that.  He’s not eating very well, and he had an upset tummy over the weekend.  I think Mummy’s worried about him.  I think we are too.  He’s not as bolshie as he used to be. Mummy says she’ll go and fetch him this afternoon.

I’ll keep you posted – or Kevin might tell you on Facebook.

One thought on “I took Dougall to the vet

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I’m glad you went with Mummy, Dyl. She probably needed you for moral support. Poor Mummy.

    I hope Doug’s lump and Hec’s teeth are sorted out. Tell those two that I love them, ok? And I love you too, Dyl, of course. XOXO


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