I’m in a book!

I am! I really, really am!

It’s called the BookElves Anthology and it’s got a story all about me (and Dougall) and our castle in the far north, a place called Haunn, on Mull.  And it’s a very very exciting adventure and I get into a lot of danger but I’m very brave and … and I’m not allowed to tell you the ending in case it spoils it.

Bookelves_web FinalThinYou can buy the book at all sorts of places.  It’s in paperback at Amazon and at another place called Createspace, and it’s for ebook readers at Amazon and B&N and Apple and Kobo and Smashwords.  I hope you know which one you want.

And there are lots of other stories, including one starring a cat called Max and another starring a dog called Champ.  And they are all sort of set around Christmas and they’re suitable for children too.  You can read more about it at Jemima’s blog.

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