It’s my sixth birthday!

Victor here!  I’m six today and Mummy gave me a lovely cake with candles again.  She only leaves the candles there while she takes the photos.  I’m good at posing for photos these days, but Mummy sometimes makes them all blurred.  This one’s not too bad 🙂

Victor portrait 6th

I think it’s a nice photo.  I think Mummy will put it on the wall one day.

We had a lovely party.  Dylan, Dougall and Humphrey came to join me and we ate cake, and ran around a bit, and then lined up for some breakfast.

Four have birthday breakfast

I don’t think Mummy’s ever seen us nicely lined up before. That’s me on the left, then Dylan, Humphrey and Dougall.  We’ve got lovely fresh carrots from Uncle Michael, and some kale from the garden and some flat parsley from the shop.  Yum!

Six years old!  I’m ancient!

3 thoughts on “It’s my sixth birthday!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Happy birthday, angel!!

    Ancient? No way. You may be an elder pig, but you’ve got the spirit and good looks of a youngster. I’m so proud of the wise boar you’ve become. Love you!

    Your nephews Atticus and Willoughby send celebratory wheeks. Atticus ran around like a madpig this morning in your honor.


  2. stanleyandkatrina

    Victor, you pose preciously for photos. We love it! Happy Birthday – sorry we are a bit late on the wishes. What a gorgeous guinea pig party! ~/(^.^)\ and =^.^=


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