Hey! It’s lovely and sunny – it’s spring!

Hi, Dylan here!  It’s a lovely sunny morning and Mummy has been changing the calendars which means its a new month.  It must be spring!  I hope we can go out in the sunshine later.

Mummy says our Pig of the Month is going to be the same as her calendar on her wall which she made last year.  That’s not fair because January was me – with the photo on my last post.  The Pig of the Month was Colman in his new bed.  I want a new bed!  Mummy says if I had a bed I’d lose my hammock.  Maybe I prefer my hammock.  It used to be George’s hammock.  Auntie Denise gave it to him.  It has history.  But then it isn’t new.  Our tunnel was new once and it was specially made for us.

Anyway the new Pig of the Month is Victor because February is his birthday.  He’s been a little under the weather and Mummy gives him extra food.  He’s getting very small and old.  He’ll be six this month.  That’s pretty old.

All the old boys went down to see the dentists last week.  And Hector went too.  We stayed at home and so did Kevin.  I think it was very tiring for Vic, but he’s over it now.  I hope I never have to go to the dentist, it sounds horrid.  I don’t want anyone messing with my teeth!  Or my bottom! No, I don’t want my hair cut, Mummy!

2 thoughts on “Hey! It’s lovely and sunny – it’s spring!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I love the February photo on the calendar, which is hanging over my bed. It makes me a little sad to see Uncle Hugo, because as you may know he was my Mariusz’s doppelgänger. I’m a silly Momma and silly Auntie, I know.

    The calendar is next to Mariusz’s portrait; I think both Hugo and Mariusz would be happy to know that they’re side by side. I wonder what cosmic mischief those two are causing together.


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