Back to a new look!

We’re back from Christmas with a new look for 2014!  Mummy says she hasn’t got it working like it showed in the picture yet, but I think it’s very smart.

She’s put an extra big picture of me and Dougall on our birthday post, and all the pictures show big if you scroll down.  Aren’t we handsome?

Kevin managed to win the Photo of the Month competition on Rodents with Attitude for December.  Mummy didn’t give us a chance to do Christmas photos this year.  I think she likes the one of Doug and me in our Christmas hats too much to want anything else.  We got a nice new grassy tunnel for Christmas.  I keep forgetting to go and eat it.  Doug’s very good at nibbling it.  I think he likes the vibrations.  This is Kevin’s picture, anyway.

Hark the Kevin sings

Hector lost his second bottom tooth yesterday.  He was managing ok last night but Mummy seemed worried that he wasnt picking up his food today.  She gave him a bowl of veg all cut in different shapes and sizes.  I think he’s just being a pain.  His abscess is more or less better, though.

We’re all well otherwise.  That’s good!

2 thoughts on “Back to a new look!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I like the new look. And I love the picture at top. It looks out at me from above my bed, since it’s the January picture in the lovely calendar Mummy sent me. ❤

    Glad Hec is doing well.

    Love you all. XOXOXO


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