We’re two years old today!

Dylan is twoYay! Dylan here!

Dougall and I are two years old today.  Hurrah!  I don’t remember being born but I remember coming here three weeks later and living with Uncle Victor.  He was so big then!  Now he’s very small and I always wash his eyes and make sure he’s keeping himself clean.  He lives next door with Humphrey, but we have floor time everyday where I can check up on him.

Yesterday we had a birthday party!  It was super!!  We went into the living room and instead of having a cuddle on Mummy’s lap, first Doug and I went in a huge run on the floor, and Mummy gave us our birthday cake.  I like the cucumber decorations, Dougall liked the cake.  He’s a greedy guts.  No wonder he’s so heavy.  He weighs 1.5kg which is 3 lbs and 5 ozs.  He isn’t fat though, just solid under all that hair.  I’m lean and muscly under all my hair.  I’m at least 10 grams smaller than him.

D,D V&H at the 2nd birthday partyNext Victor came, and then Humphrey. We had some fun and Victor helped himself to cake, then Colman and Kevin arrived.  We had such fun!!  I haven’t had a chance to talk to them for months, since we stopped going out in the garden.  We played all sorts of games, but Mummy stopped us just before it got a bit rough, and I was so excited I just kept wanting to jump around even though she’d put us back in our cages.  She had to take me out for a while longer to sooth me and smooth my hair.  Then I went back in and had a snooze.  It was a lovely party.  Thank you, Mummy, for organising it.

Party games - Sardines

4 thoughts on “We’re two years old today!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Aww. I’m so happy that you boys had fun. Mummy does a pretty good party, no?

    Happy birthday, Dylan and Dougall! Your Crazy American Auntie loves you.


  2. Jemima Pett

    Those boys! Dylan, Kevin and Colman were hyper for the rest of the evening. I’ll pass your messages on to Dylan. He’s looking very smug today 🙂


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