Winter time

Apparently we go onto winter time early on Sunday morning.  Mummy says it won’t make any difference to us, she’ll be down at the same time as usual.  I think that means she’ll be down when she usually comes down relative to the sun.  I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the radio was coming on sooner and sooner before she came down, and also that she’s been going to bed later and later.  By the time they put the clocks back onto winter time, Mummy will have been on winter time herself for a month already.

Fred used to understand these things.  He understood about time and the sun, moon and the planets.  I just watch them go past every day, leaving shadows or light on the wall or floor. It’s nice this morning because we’ve got sunshine in our cage.  If it’s raining we don’t get sunshine, well, not usually.

We started on winter leaves from the garden today.  I must admit I prefer summer leaves.  But I prefer leaves from the garden to leaves from the fridge, in general, at any rate.  We do get some really nice yummy leaves from the fridge.  I fancy some more fruit, though.  Pear is delicious.  Humphrey likes grape.  He’s been very fussy lately and Mummy doesn’t know what to give him.  He wants grape, Mummy.  We know it’s sugary but he’s as lean as me, so I’m sure he can have it, can’t he?  Dougall better not have it, though.

It’s Thursday so Mummy will go to see Uncle Shaun and get our veg today.  I hope she gets some grapes for us 🙂

One thought on “Winter time

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Willoughby and Atticus don’t get to have garden-fresh greens, unfortunately. They do all right, though they’d try to convince you otherwise. Oh, the suffering!

    I hope Mummy brings you boys some juicy grapes! If not, let me know. I’ll set her straight. 😉



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