Q is for Quince

I had a lot of difficulty finding something to eat beginning with Q.  Actually I couldn’t find anything until Mummy reminded me about Quince.  Quince is a fruit a little bit like a pear.  It has funny texture though.  It’s quite nice but I wouldn’t want to eat a lot of it.  Mummy gave us the peelings when she was making jam and cakes with it.  We don’t eat jam or cakes.  We don’t eat anything cooked or with sugar added.  And especially not with artificial sweetener added.

It is a strange fruit really, because usually when Mummy cooks a fruit or vegetable it comes out looking the same sort of colour as when it went in unless she’s burnt it.  There’s usually a smell of burnt food if she does that, but not when she made quince jam.  The peel was sort of yellow, although the flesh on it went a sort of pink colour quite quickly (like apple goes brown when it’s in the cage for any length of time).  It was quite tasty. A bit of a gourmet treat.  Takes a bit of getting used to.  Sweet but tart with an interesting flavour.  But the jam mummy made was a wonderful ruby red colour.  She said it went like that just before it was cooked.  This is what it looked like.

She got the quinces at Uncle Shaun’s Farm Shop.  That’s the best place to buy fresh food, especially traditional English fruit and vegetables.  Like quince.

5 thoughts on “Q is for Quince

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I’d never had quince until I visited you boys and Mummy. We had jam for breakfast, and she sent us home with a jar of it! Mmm. At home, I really enjoyed it on my rice cakes — it was a nice reminder of my visit to Norfolk.


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