P is for Pea shoots

It’s just like real life, blogging the letter P.  Pea shoots or parsley?  Parsley or pea shoots?  I don’t know.  I like them both.  I’ll have parsley.  No, I’ll have pea shoots.  Sigh.  It should be reported to the cruelty to animals people.  Torture.  Oh I suppose I’ll have the pea shoots and hope nobody’s eaten all the parsley before I get to it.

Pea shoots are so delicious. I wonder why Mummy didn’t discover how easy they were to grow years ago?  Fred and George only got them when she’d been to an expensive supermarket place and they were on special offer.  Then she started growing peas and giving us bits from the plant and the pea pods.  We leave the pods mainly, although they are very tasty.  The shoots are so much nicer.  Now she grows peas in small pots around the place just for the shoots.  When they are about six inches high she cuts them off just above the top of the pot so there is enough stem left for them to grow again.  Sometimes she has some of them herself which is a bit much.  She doesn’t actually ask us if we mind.  I suppose we have to be kind to her and share them though.

She does grow peas in the garden so she can have the peas as well.  That happens at certain times of the year.  She is working on getting pea shoots to us most of the year though.  She’s a very clever mummy.

I think I’ll just go and have that parsley now.  We mustn’t have too much of it though, in case it gives us bladder stones.  It’s rich in calcium.  Mummy only gives us parsley or cabbage family, not both. Pea shoots are just fine.  We can eat those any time.


4 thoughts on “P is for Pea shoots

  1. Auntie Dawn

    That is a tough choice, Vic. When in doubt, demand both!

    Always be kind to Mummy, though. She’s a little kooky sometimes, but she means well.


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