O is for Oregano

Oregano is a lovely smelly herb that tastes delicious.  Mummy grows it in the sunshine in the garden.  Last year it got shaded by the strawberry leaves and disappeared.  We were quite disappointed about that.  She is growing some new oregano this year in a new place.  In fact if the lavender bush that George is looking after hasn’t recovered from its transplanting Mummy says she might put oregano there for him to look after.

It’s hard to describe why oregano is so delicious.  You sort of nibble the small green leaves and the stems they grow on and get this lovely feeling in your mouth.  Sun and flowers and warmth and wellness.  I think that’s what it says.  To me, anyway.  It’s a little like thyme but greener.  It’s the same feeling as mint but not minty.  I could eat it all day except you would probably not get the benefit of the flavour if you did that.  Better to eat some oregano and then some hay.  If there’s any left and some other greedy so-and-so hasn’t stolen it, you can go back and have some more.

I thought about saying O is for ox-eye daisy or okra, but Mummy doesn’t give us those.  We can eat them, and sometimes we do.  If we are in the garden we manage to eat some of the ox-eye daisy that is in the grass.  Or poking through the bars of the run.  It’s quite safe.  It’s not the same plant as daisy, which is not good for piggies at all.  No, Hugo, it is not good for piggies.  Mummy usually digs up common daisy before we get to see it, but ox-eye daisy is fine.  The bees love it and bees are good for the garden.  Okra is a funny thing that piggies can eat.  Mummy gave it to Fred and George once but they didn’t like it so we never get it now.  I don’t think Mummy gets it often because it doesn’t grow at the farm shop.  And if she does she keeps it all to herself.  I suppose we have to let her eat fresh vegetables every now and then.

2 thoughts on “O is for Oregano

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I agree, Vic — some oregano, don’t overdo it.

    Hugo. ❤

    I love okra. Your Uncle uses it in cooking sometimes. We've also had fried okra chips. Mmmm, those are delicious, but definitely off-limits for piggies. (They're not that healthy for humans either, to be honest.)


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