I cannot believe what Hugo got up to today!  I’m surprised Mummy didn’t send him to bed without any lunch, tea or supper!  But no, he was picked up, checked over and put back in his cage then brought out into the garden when I was safely settled.  But that wasn’t the end of the story, oh no!

Let me start at the beginning.

Every morning we have our cuddles and Hugo has his extra drinks (and any pills he’s on, but he’s not on them at present, just extra drinks), then Hugo and Victor have a run while I have my cuddle and then Mummy cleans our cages, puts H&V back, then Hector and Humphrey have their cuddles and a run.  She does that so that Hector stops getting so over-excited at the prospect of playing with Hugo and Victor.  Mainly Hugo.  He’s a troublemaker. Hugo that is.  And Hector, and he bites Mummy when he’s excited which I think is inexcusable. (Imagine the stern Fredlook).

Anyway, all was fairly normal, although Mummy wasnt looking entirely normal, she was up in the night and came down to see us at one stage and she smelled very funny.  She said she’d been sick.  But that was in the night, and in the morning she just looked rather tired so I gave her a special cuddle and she liked that.

But she took Hector and Humphrey out into the garden first around 11 am, which isn’t normal, usually I go first, or sometimes Hugo & Victor to stop Hugo jumping in my cage, which he does, the cheeky monster.  Anyway, Hector & Humphrey were safely out in the garden and suddenly Hugo jumped out of his cage onto the floor! :O  I mean, that’s a huge jump!  it must be four feet to the floor from the side of the cage.  None of us have ever dreamed of doing such a thing!  And Hugo’s lived here three years and he’s never dreamed of doing it before.

Anyway Mummy walked in the door and saw Hugo on the floor at her feet and said “What are you doing down there?”  And he looked a bit sheepish and ran under the table, then he came out again and trotted down the kitchen in the way he does and I could see Mummy watching him, and he obviously was moving ok, and she looked very puzzled.  She almost gave him a Fredlook, I can tell you. Then she took the things out to Hector & Humphrey’s run, like the water and the toys and the fleece for shade, and when she came back, well, I could hear her outside.  She said (outside) “Hugo what are you doing out here?  You’re a very naughty boy.”

Hugo had jumped over the steps at the door and gone for a walk on the patio! :O  That’s not allowed at all!  I could hear her telling him why, because there is a river on the other side of one fence and the road on the other side of the other and he might not see the fence if he was running through a hole or underneath it, so he isn’t allowed outside on his own.  And by this time she had picked him up and was carrying him inside so I could see him.  He didn’t look at all ashamed, the naughty boy!  But Mummy was taking the opportunity while she had him in her arms to check all his legs and his ribs and hips and shoulders and back to make sure he was okay after getting out of the cage.  And then she put him back and took me out to the garden.  And then they came out too.

Now you’d think he’d been naughty enough today, wouldn’t you?  But no, at one point Mummy came out and said “What are you doing now, Hugo?” and I could see her reach in to  do something with him and he had to wriggle backwards and sort of caught his ears.  And Mummy said, “You are not allowed under the rabbit fence, those are your veggies for later in the year.” But Hugo came back grumbling that he’d only gone a little bit under to do a bit of grass edging for her, he hadn’t gone all the way under.  And I think Mummy knew that because she told him off very mildly.

And of course when I got back in this evening I could tell he’d jumped over the sides of our cages when Mummy took me out and had an explore in my cage before he’d gone out.

Hugo.  Middle name Trouble. Sigh. Fredlook.

5 thoughts on “Escapologist

  1. Auntie Nixi

    Oh my goodness, what a terror that Hugo has been today! I think he’s definately worse than those little Lee’s of mine!
    Here’s hoping he lets up tomorrow, I think your poor mummy needs a rest, especially if she’s been poorly! Send her some get well wishes from me and my boys, please.


  2. Auntie Dawn

    Gimme an H.
    Gimme a U.
    Gimme a G.
    Gimme an O.

    Hugo! Hugo! Hugo! GO, HUGO!

    That’s my favorite kind of Hugo: acrobatic, roguish, and unapologetically cheeky. Of course I don’t want him to get hurt. But I love the fact that he’s feeling well enough to pull off these stunts. And when he acts like this, he becomes so much like my Mariusz that I am convinced that the spirit of M is within him. It makes the grief easier to bear, knowing that there is a pig who looks and acts just like Mariusz, that he’s happy and healthy, and that I get to be his Auntie.

    4 feet? “Pffft,” M would say. “That’s nothing.”

    I guess Mummy’s just going to have to find ways to prevent him from jumping and escaping. We always had to be creative to find ways to keep M out of certain areas. After that, we just let him be as cheeky as he wanted to be. Ten pounds of attitude in a three-pound pig, that boy was.

    I’m sorry to hear that Mummy’s been ill, but I’m sure that your cuddles have done her a world of good.



    1. Fred

      If you don’t mind me saying this, Auntie Dawn, and I hope I’m not being cheeky, but I don’t think you should encourage Hugo like this. He doesn’t need encouragement. :fredlook:


      1. Auntie Dawn

        It’s ok, F. I understand that he’s a handful for Mummy. It’s easy to talk when I’m not the one who has to keep him out of trouble.

        But I just can’t help myself. I have a soft spot for chocolate and white crested Troublemakers, thanks to Mariusz. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree, F.

        But I’ll be a good Auntie when I visit and won’t help him escape, promise.


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