Which picture to choose?

The Piggy of the Month (POTM) competition for February on GPRWA is ‘piggy lips’.  Finding the right entry for this is hard.  I’ve been through something like 500 photos and picked out the best – only 16 of them, and mainly Fred & George – don’t know why… Anyway I thought I’d put them on here and maybe have a mini-poll!

I could put a slide show in so you could get a better view…  And I can also crop the pics and get a better view of the lips for the competition entry.

But I think I’ll try a poll.  You can choose more than one favourite 🙂 :

6 thoughts on “Which picture to choose?

  1. Dawn

    Ok, so I did one per pig, and that’s the best I can do!

    I’d swear that Mariusz jumped through the time tunnel and stood in for Hugo in “Hugo and the Grassy Hutch.” That cheeky glint in his eye–“C’mon, you know you love me”–is classic Mariusz.


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