Loud noises

There have been loud noises in the house for the past few days and some people moving around that I haven’t been introduced to.  Banging and drilling and knocking and vacuuming and radioing.  Mummy took me into the front rooms on Monday and Tuesday evenings to see what they had done though – the fireplaces have disappeared!  All that’s there now is a large hole – quite pretty I must say, with brick at the back, a bit blackened – and a funny messy side bit which is white and dark green-brown-grey and brick and metal… it looks a bit of a mess frankly.  But yesterday there was a nice flat piece of stone at the bottom of each hole, neatly sticking out onto the wooden floor but squared off like it was meant to be there.

Today its all quiet and no-one has visited.  Mummy went and sighed when she spoke to someone on the phone, so maybe there is a problem.  I don’t think the work is finished yet.  The rooms are all tidy but the work doesn’t look like it should be left like that.  I hope someone is on the case 😦

2 thoughts on “Loud noises

  1. Auntie Dawn

    It’s frustrating for Mummy but I’m sure she’s got it all in hand. She’ll need a highly skilled Engineer to help her think things through and tell these workers if they’re not doing a good job. Know any candidates for the position, G??? 😉


  2. georgiepig

    There were some more people came and looked at the house last night. They did some measuring. I hope we’re not moving. I’ve heard people talk about moving it sounds horrible. I like my place. Can we take the garden with us?


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