The Big Debate

Apparently it’s all the rage, having group discussions and taking big decisions as a family.  Anyway, yesterday evening over supper and this morning during our cuddles and meds (for those that have them) and grease gland washing sessions :O we had a discussion with mummy about fostering some piggies.

Auntie Sophie always has lots of young and older boars that need homes, but at present she has two in particular that were found abandoned in a council house when the new people moved in.  How awful!  Apparently they are very thin and scared and haven’t been handled much and Auntie Sophie is looking for someone special to give them lots of attention and help them be good and sociable pigs again.  And mummy feels sorry for them and says we would be good influences on them (even Hugo!).  And we’ve got room, havent we?

She also said she hadn’t planned on having any more piggies unless they were very young ones as we are all around 3 years old and we are enough trouble as it is, whatever that means.  But she also saw a couple of gorgeous young boys that she would like, but other people will probably give them good homes too.  And maybe these two abandoned boys are more in need of us.  Well, you can’t argue with that can you?

So we talked about where to put a cage and whether we’d like to live upstairs permanently (no), and whether we could fit another cage in beside us if the radiator was turned off (that was my idea).  And Hugo thought they could sit by the kitchen sink and get chatted to a lot and maybe have a run set up on the floor so he and Victor could visit them and tell them what’s what.  So I think Mummy is talking to Auntie Sophie about it.

And mummy did say that would mean no more holidays away for us.  But I’ve been thinking about that and I reckon we could manage it if we didnt have to go too far 😉

PS  Hugo is much better, has finished most of his meds and just squeaks occasionally, no blood.  Fred’s lip is brilliant, the drops he had cleared the scabs straight away, but he is still having them for another week to make sure the infection or whatever doesn’t come back.  He’s fed up with them of course.

3 thoughts on “The Big Debate

  1. Lady Snailspace

    awhh how lovely and generous of you all to think about taking in the lost boys 🙂

    If you all decide to, they will be the luckiest pigs that ever were abandoned.



  2. Dawn

    Aww. You know, Mummy has sheltered you from a lot of bad things, but there are some evil humans who treat piggies and other animals reprehensibly. It makes me sad and angry, G — you have no idea. Mummy’s doing a great thing, taking in these boys.

    I’m hoping that Hugo will teach them to be a bit cheeky. Not nearly as cheeky as he is, but just enough so that they understand that humans — the right kind of humans — are to be their slaves. ❤


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