Colman’s 7th birthday party

We don’t know when Colman’s birthday is, but we think he must be seven by now.  He came here at the end of April 2012, and Auntie PigPog said he was between 3 and 4 then.  That makes him between 6 and 7 last April, so he must be seven now.

Mummy had an official 5th birthday for him on 1st October, but his 6th was a year and a day later because it was all very sad last 1st October and none of us felt like a party.

On Friday she said we should have a party for him this weekend because he’s got kidney problems, and we might as well celebrate while the weather’s nice.

He seems to have quite a lot of things going on these days, things that need meds, but Mummy says it’s just because he’s very old, and we’re all still learning about how to make geriatric guinea pigs as comfortable as possible in their old age.  He gets an Oxbow Natural Science haycake for his arthritis, and a bit of metacam for the aches and pains that go with that.  And because he’s losing weight again Mummy is giving him Emeraid, which Uncle Victor used to have and he said it was yummy.  She’s a bit worried about this kidney problem.  He was doing pink wees last week and it wasn’t because he’d been eating blueberries and dandelion leaves (although he had been, a little).  At least he hadn’t been eating beetroot because we all know that makes pink wee and purple poops! :D

Anyway, he’s on baytril with apple juice for a week in case it’s an infection, and Auntie Sally hopes that will be enough.  He’s certainly looking better, even after a couple of days on it.


Anyway, Saturday was nice enough to go out in the afternoon and we had a great time.  Colman made a beeline for his cake, which was huge because it had to fit all those candles on.  I gave him a big cuddle, which he didn’t seem to appreciate, and Kevin did too (when he wasn’t eating cake).  Dougall just went and sat in Kevin’s tent to avoid all the fuss.  Midge dropped in for a few minutes, but he found it all very strange, and went home again.  Oscar was too busy eating grass, but he and I don’t get on, so maybe Mummy left him there on purpose.

We all had bits of cake to take home with us.  It was really yummy.  Mummy makes it from mushed up pellets with added thyme and oregano.  Mmmm :D

I hope he lives until his 8th birthday.  He’s a great chap, is Colman.  I like him a lot.

I wonder what a holiday is

I had a holiday last week.  Well, I didn’t, I just had a day off.  Well, I really just forgot.  Thank you, Kevin, for posting for me on Tuesday.

Our mate George, Werewolf George, that is, not Our George (who isn’t here any more, but who made this site), has been giving updates on his holiday over at Rodents With Attitude.  It sounds amazing, wonderful and terrible, all at the same time. Read more of this post

Dylan forgot to post

I know Dylan lives downstairs, where all the food comes from, and I live upstairs, next to the blogging gizmos, but that’s no excuse for him to forget his weekly post, is it?  Although even I haven’t been up here much because we had a nice weekend in the garden, and yesterday was nice too. Read more of this post

Dylan’s Reindeer Adventure

Mummy’s writing a new story about me to go in a book of short stories for young readers for Christmas.  The other story she wrote about me went in the last BookElves Anthology and this one will go in the next one.

She hasn’t told me what happens yet, except I meet a reindeer and help him find his way home.  I asked her “what is a reindeer, Mummy?” and she gave me this photo to show you.


It looks ever so cold where they are!

Kevin interviews Auntie Dawn (part 2)

Auntie Dawn told me such lovely stories about her pigs last month that I saved some for this month.

If you missed that you can read it here.

So, Auntie Dawn: What favourite memories do you have of your guinea pigs?

There are so many! I’ll confine myself to talking about how we got each of our departed pigs.

Saku was our first pig. One warm April afternoon, I left work early, and Uncle and I took a train out a place called Queens. We had seen an ad on the Internet in which a man said he was looking to rehome his daughter’s pig because his wife was allergic. We arrived at the appointed place, the parking lot of a bank, and waited. We didn’t have a cellphone at the time and thought we were in the wrong place. Eventually we figured out we were on the wrong side of the bank. Read more of this post

My daily grind

I thought you might like to know what I do all day.  I’m very busy, of course.

A typical day at this time of year goes something like this.

Oscar looks

Oscar looks

The sky gets lighter in the window above our heads and the sun comes up and we can see it’s bright at theother end of the kitchen where we live.  That’s good, that means it’s sunny.  I have a drink and a bite to eat, and tell Dougall it’s his turn in our nice snugglesac, because it’s my turn in the hammock.  If I’m lucky I get to snooze before Oscar comes biting the bars and disturbing me. Read more of this post

Mummy has two gardens

I always thought this was Mummy’s garden, but she’s got another one.  She disappears to go there on Saturday mornings and sometimes other times too.  This week she took all the nice little kale plants that were growing in pots with her.  There was something else in pots too, broccoli, I think she said.  We’ve got kale growing in our garden, I was in a run next to it on Friday and Saturday.  I wonder why she’s got more in another garden. Read more of this post

The last of the six

Hector died on Thursday.  He was the last of us who actually knew George, Fred and Hugo.  To me they are all legends.  Hector didn’t say much about them, apart from Hugo.  He was a big fan of Hugo.  He taught him (Hector) most of what he knew, about how to get on with piggies in a real home, that is.  And a few other things about Being A Pig.  Like standing up at the side of their cage and looking into ours.  Hugo did it to Fred and George, Hector did it to Victor and me and Dougall, and now Oscar does it to me and Dougall.

Read more of this post

Hector – May 2010 to 9th July 2015

Hec 160212

Hector died in my arms today after a series of health problems. Hugo will be waiting for him at the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest in peace, my loving but troubled boy.

We’ll be in mourning for the next seven weeks, as is the guinea pigs’ custom.

Kevin interviews Auntie Dawn (part 1)

Kevin here again.  Today I’m interviewing Auntie Dawn, although she told me so much lovely stuff I’m putting it in two parts.  The next part will be at the start of next months, because Dylan doesn’t want me to hog his blog.

Auntie Dawn lives in New York which is a long way away from us, but we met her when she came to stay a couple of years ago.  Was it only last year?  It seems a very long time ago.  It was just after Victor went over the Rainbow Bridge, so it must have been last year.

The first thing I asked her was: who are your guinea pigs and what are their favourite things? Read more of this post


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