My daily grind

I thought you might like to know what I do all day.  I’m very busy, of course.

A typical day at this time of year goes something like this.

Oscar looks

Oscar looks

The sky gets lighter in the window above our heads and the sun comes up and we can see it’s bright at theother end of the kitchen where we live.  That’s good, that means it’s sunny.  I have a drink and a bite to eat, and tell Dougall it’s his turn in our nice snugglesac, because it’s my turn in the hammock.  If I’m lucky I get to snooze before Oscar comes biting the bars and disturbing me. Read more of this post

Mummy has two gardens

I always thought this was Mummy’s garden, but she’s got another one.  She disappears to go there on Saturday mornings and sometimes other times too.  This week she took all the nice little kale plants that were growing in pots with her.  There was something else in pots too, broccoli, I think she said.  We’ve got kale growing in our garden, I was in a run next to it on Friday and Saturday.  I wonder why she’s got more in another garden. Read more of this post

The last of the six

Hector died on Thursday.  He was the last of us who actually knew George, Fred and Hugo.  To me they are all legends.  Hector didn’t say much about them, apart from Hugo.  He was a big fan of Hugo.  He taught him (Hector) most of what he knew, about how to get on with piggies in a real home, that is.  And a few other things about Being A Pig.  Like standing up at the side of their cage and looking into ours.  Hugo did it to Fred and George, Hector did it to Victor and me and Dougall, and now Oscar does it to me and Dougall.

Mummy’s going to do a proper “Hector’s life” page which will go in the Tales from the Hutch section above, along with everyone else, so we never forget them, but Hector was really wild when he arrived with Mummy, and he didn’t stop biting her for years.  Fancy biting Mummy!  I did it once, by mistake, but I’ve never done it again.  Mummy says Hector taught her all she knows about avoiding having her fingers bitten by an angry pig.  Hector was a Very Angry Pig when he first arrived.

He was about six months old and had been ignored and then starved before being rescued by Auntie Sophie and Auntie Vikki.  He had survived by eating Humphrey’s hair.  Humphrey was always sad, Hector was always angry, until he finally decided that he didn’t have to be angry with Mummy.  That was after he’d fallen out with Humphrey though. Apparently he lived very happily with Humphrey until we arrived, then he grew up a bit and started bullying him.  Mummy didn’t realise that at first, so Humphrey got very scared of him.  About the time Colman and Kevin arrived, Mummy put Hector in a separate cage on his own, then Victor went in with Humphrey and we had the cage to ourselves.  We still met everyone on the floor and in the garden, but Hector had to come down on his own because he’d fight with everyone.  And then he saw he’d been silly and started to want to get to know everyone again, but it was too late and nobody wanted to be friends with him.

That’s when he started to be really nice to Mummy.  Wise choice.  And then he started to have teeth trouble, nearly as bad as George, but later, so Mummy took him down to see Auntie Shirley and Uncle Barry to have them done, and eventually she started doing them herself every month and just taking him to have an expert overhaul every six months or so.  Mummy told them what a loving pig he had become, because the first time she’d taken him she’d had to warn them he was a biter!  His teeth trouble probably lasted two years or more.

Mummy says Hector is the perfect example of an ill-treated animal who learns to love through being given patience and kindness, and she in turn learnt to love him.  Aw.  I think we’ll miss him more than we thought we would.  He was a funny pig, but he turned out good in the end.

Hector – May 2010 to 9th July 2015

Hec 160212

Hector died in my arms today after a series of health problems. Hugo will be waiting for him at the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest in peace, my loving but troubled boy.

We’ll be in mourning for the next seven weeks, as is the guinea pigs’ custom.

Kevin interviews Auntie Dawn (part 1)

Kevin here again.  Today I’m interviewing Auntie Dawn, although she told me so much lovely stuff I’m putting it in two parts.  The next part will be at the start of next months, because Dylan doesn’t want me to hog his blog.

Auntie Dawn lives in New York which is a long way away from us, but we met her when she came to stay a couple of years ago.  Was it only last year?  It seems a very long time ago.  It was just after Victor went over the Rainbow Bridge, so it must have been last year.

The first thing I asked her was: who are your guinea pigs and what are their favourite things? Read more of this post

Oscar and Midge are one year old today!

Happy birthday, Oscar and Midge!!

They each have a cucumber cake with a candle, some lavender, thyme and parsley on.  They loved them! (The candle was removed after the photos)

A few of my favourite things

It was a funny week last week.  It was very cold on Monday and rained on Tuesday so we couldn’t go out on the grass.  Then Wednesday and Thursday were lovely, but Mummy was out all day – and all night, so we starved on Thursday.  Well, no, that’s not true.  If we’d left any of the extra food she left us on Wednesday we were fine.  By the time she got back on Thursday night nearly everything in my cage had been eaten, apart from the hay in the hay-rack.  Dougall and I save that for emergencies.  There were a few pellets in our bowls, too.  Friday was sort of cloudy and damp, but Mummy made us very wet by giving us a bath and a cuddle after, and that was lovely.  The haircut wasn’t.  But at least Dougall doesn’t get a dirty bottom now.  Hector had a bath too. Read more of this post

Mummy tries an experiment



Mummy tried an experiment last week.  She put a huge big run up around one of the vegetable beds, and made sure we couldn’t get onto that to eat the yummy carrots and chard, and stuck one little run at the side all on its own. I was first out, so I went in the big run.  It was HUGE and I loved it.  I ran all the way round while she was getting Dougall to come and join me.

Dougall took one look at it and went into the tunnel.  He doesn’t like a lot of space, does Dougall.  He’s a funny guy, even if he is my brother and best buddy.  I don’t have to boss him about much because he knows I’m in charge.  I think he looks up to me, me being more important and so on.  He does say ‘no’ to me sometimes, but I let him do that to make him feel more important. Read more of this post

Oops. I forgot

Dylan here.

Sorry, I forgot to post a post today.  I’ve been out in the garden eating grass.  I do a  lot of checking up on Oscar and Midge while I’m eating grass, making sure they are doing their job properly.  Midge is pretty good.  Oscar comes over and pokes his nose into my business.  I don’t like that.  I’m feeling hungry a lot at the moment.  Mummy wants to know why I’ve lost weight, but I can’t tell her.  I just have.


Here’s a picture of me with Colman and Kevin the other day.

Kevin interviews Auntie Janet

Hi, Kevin here.  After I got over my tummy trouble I sent some interview questions to Auntie Janet and this is what she said.  I know it’s not as clever as Dylan’s interview, but I hope you like it anyway.
Dear Kevin
These are our interview answers, I hope you like them! Firstly, you should know that I live in the San Francisco Bay area with my piggies, and I’m a stay-at-home slave to them.  I guess your mom is a stay-at-home writer-slave, isn’t she? Read more of this post


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