Colman – 2008 to 25 September 2015

Colman winner March13


Colman passed away today, after dwindling over the last few days.  He was over seven years old (which is 98 in human years).  He will be greeted by all our friends not only from here but from his old home in Jersey, when he arrives over the Rainbow Bridge.

Love you, Col xxxx

Kevin’s Birthday party

We celebrated Kevin’s official birthday last Thursday.  We had a party in the garden.  It’s okay for an hour or so in the sunshine at present, but Mummy has to go and dry the grass in the morning, and sweep the leaves off it.  Although they are very tasty leaves, she thinks we shouldn’t eat them.


Kevin had his cake with five candles on it, and he said it was yummy, so we all had a little piece when we got back in our cages.  Midge has moved in next to him, and Mummy let him go and say hello to Kev to see whether he wanted company at his party, but he didn’t.  So I let him get on with it and we ate grass and chatted through the fence until Mummy saw that I wanted to go in.  Those youngsters can stay out much longer than me.  It must be their curly coats.

It’s a whole year since Oscar and Midge came to live here. I suppose I can do a ‘then and now’ post for next week ;)

My life with Colman

Dylan told me I could write the post today, since it’s all about Colman, my buddy, who went over the Rainbow Bridge on Friday evening.

We were part of what was called the Great Exodus of 2012, when sixteen of us left our home on Jersey and came to England.  It was nice on Jersey, we liked being with Pigpog, who was our Mummy then, but she disappeared and there was a week or two when nothing much happened, although Auntie Sue made sure we had food and water, but it wasn’t like Pigpog looking after us.  Then we got packed into our travel boxes and had a long long time before we got out of them again.

Colman & Kevin arrive in their new home

We finally got into a nice cage again, with a daytime run, when we got to Mummy’s.  I settled in okay, but Colman hated it.  Well, he thought the accommodation and catering was good, but he didn’t like the person looking after us. He bit her whenever she tried to cuddle him.  Eventually he put up with the stroking and just bit her whenever she tried to do anything else with her.  I don’t know how Mummy managed, but she was very patient, and knew that Colman hated her for taking him away from Pigpog.  We did arrive in time for the Jubilee Party, though – that was great fun!

The Jubilee Seven

The Jubilee Seven

Then he finally worked out that Mummy was mummy now, and she wasn’t that bad.  I think he worked it out at Christmas, and by Valentine’s Day he’d fallen for her charms.  He was all charm when it came to having his photo taken, and he won a rosette for it – the one he is with in this photo posted the other day.

Be mine3

After that, it was a love affair, really.  Mummy got him a fab new sleeping bed, and he made good use of it.  In fact he’d got her so well trained by then that anything he wanted arrived more or less on time; breakfast, grass, treats, I watched as he wrapped her round his little toenail and wondered just how he did it.


I wasn’t really jealous, but I’d decided even before he got his bed that I wanted my own pad, I didn’t want to share any more.  Mummy was very clever when she realised we’d fallen out, because she split up the large C&C cage just by putting panels across the corner.  I got the smaller side with the loft extension, Colman got the larger side.  Mummy said it was because I was more agile and Colman was getting a little old to go up and down the ramp.  We still got together on the grass, and when we had to go in the box.  Actually, we felt a lot of solidarity about going in the box.  It was scary, really, because we always wondered if we’d not come back again.  One time we went a very long way, but not as bad as the time of the Exodus, but we were just going to have our teeth checked, since Hector had to go anyway.  Our teeth were fine, although Col’s were trimmed a little, just to neaten them up.

Colman's July breakfast

Col’s been rather poddly since he turned six, and Mummy got some special treat for him which helped his joints.  I tried them last spring but they upset my tummy, so Mummy told me not to get arthur-itis, which I expect is longhand for poddly.  I’ll try not to, Mummy.

We celebrated his seventh birthday with a yummy cake last month.  I’m glad we did that, he enjoyed it, and so did I. Dylan and Midge came visiting too, although I told Midge to keep his distance and pay proper respect to his elders.


Now Colman’s gone over the Rainbow Bridge.  I knew he was going because he was very poorly when Mummy took him out on Friday, and when he came back he had gone, and Mummy sat with him and me on her lap for ages so I could say goodbye to him.  I am happy she did that, but I’m not happy with the changes going on.  It was lonely on my own, but now I’ve got Midge next to me.  I suppose I’d just better teach him some manners.  Colman had impeccable manners.  I’ll  miss him.


Autumn Equinox

Apparently it’s the Autumn Equinox.  Day is as long as the night – well, the evenings start earlier and our cucumber seems to arrive later.  Cucumber time is around 9 pm, Mummy says, and it just seems later because the nights are starting earlier.

It all sounds very weird to me, but I do know that in winter the days are short and the nights are long, so I suppose that’s what it’s all about.  Fred used to understand these things.  He started to write some very educational blog posts about stuff like this, and wind, and other things, but he didn’t write them for very long.

He did write about Equal Day and Night Time, though.  Click the title and you can read his wisdom.  Fred was very clever.  Victor told me so.


I don’t like September

It’s been cold and wet and then it got nice and sunny, but it was still wet.  How does that happen?

Mummy goes out on nice days with a towel, and comes in again a few minutes later with a wet towel.  She says she’s been drying the grass for us, so that we can go out later, if it’s dry enough.  Well, can’t you make it properly dry, Mummy?  She says she can only get the worst of the dew off (what’s dew?) and the sun has to do the rest, but the sun doesn’t come into the garden as early as it does in June and July.  We just have to wait and hope.

Frankly, waiting and hoping isn’t my strong point.  I want action, preferably NOW!  But then Mummy gets us out and puts us in our runs, and it’s a bit damp on the feet, but it’s nice in the sunshine, and I’d rather be out in the sunshine than not.  Colman doesn’t go out if it’s not properly dry, I’ve noticed.  Well, he’s an old man.  I’m young and fit and so are Dougall, Oscar and Midge.  We like it whether it’s slightly damp or not.  There won’t be too many more days we can go out, because it’s September and the leaves are falling from the trees, which means winter’s coming.

As long as we can have grass, I don’t care.

Dylan end August

Kevin interviews Auntie Doris

It’s me, Kevin, again.  Today I’m very honoured to be interviewing Auntie Doris.  She lives in a county called Kent which is where my Mummy’s Mummy came from.  It’s complicated.

Anyway, I asked Auntie Doris first off  “Who are your guinea pigs and what are their favourite things?” and she gave me a huge long list:

  • Neptune  – Being red
  • Roger (Flapjack) – Chilling
  • Brendan – Carrots
  • Summerboy – Auntie Debbie (Pig sitter)
  • Baldrick – Human huggies
  • Blackbird II – Hairless fwends
  • Orinoko – Not having cream put on
  • Toby – Eating with my fwend
  • Wally – Playing hide and seek – the hiding part
  • HB – Playing hide and seek – the seeking part
  • George – Corn and Fennell (not necessarily in that order!), boating.
  • Charlie – Sleeping next to my Daddy (George), boating.
  • Cappachino – Popcorning, hiding
  • Lucas-Buckmore – Standing on Cappa’s head
  • Dorkiss – being with my Mum and ¾ sister
  • Harrier – chilling (she is old)
  • Eden – Hanging out with the girls
  • Fern Popcorning in all directions
  • Starburst – Hiding from brushes on clean out day
  • Juno – Looking grumpy even though she isn’t
  • Cleo – Hairdressing
  • Nymrod – Lettuce
  • Xanadu – Sleeping
  • Maddison – Eva
  • Eva – Shows
  • Greta – Having the messiest hair ever

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Colman’s 7th birthday party

We don’t know when Colman’s birthday is, but we think he must be seven by now.  He came here at the end of April 2012, and Auntie PigPog said he was between 3 and 4 then.  That makes him between 6 and 7 last April, so he must be seven now.

Mummy had an official 5th birthday for him on 1st October, but his 6th was a year and a day later because it was all very sad last 1st October and none of us felt like a party.

On Friday she said we should have a party for him this weekend because he’s got kidney problems, and we might as well celebrate while the weather’s nice. Read more of this post

I wonder what a holiday is

I had a holiday last week.  Well, I didn’t, I just had a day off.  Well, I really just forgot.  Thank you, Kevin, for posting for me on Tuesday.

Our mate George, Werewolf George, that is, not Our George (who isn’t here any more, but who made this site), has been giving updates on his holiday over at Rodents With Attitude.  It sounds amazing, wonderful and terrible, all at the same time. Read more of this post

Dylan forgot to post

I know Dylan lives downstairs, where all the food comes from, and I live upstairs, next to the blogging gizmos, but that’s no excuse for him to forget his weekly post, is it?  Although even I haven’t been up here much because we had a nice weekend in the garden, and yesterday was nice too. Read more of this post

Dylan’s Reindeer Adventure

Mummy’s writing a new story about me to go in a book of short stories for young readers for Christmas.  The other story she wrote about me went in the last BookElves Anthology and this one will go in the next one.

She hasn’t told me what happens yet, except I meet a reindeer and help him find his way home.  I asked her “what is a reindeer, Mummy?” and she gave me this photo to show you.


It looks ever so cold where they are!


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