Terrific birthday party!

We had a terrific birthday party on Friday!  Dougall and I were FOUR YEARS OLD and Mummy made us a lovely cake with candles on it… FOUR candles.  I found they got in the way of the cake decoration so I knocked them off and Mummy took them away to make sure we didn’t eat them.

Mummy wants to show how much we’ve grown:

I think they’re pretty cool.  You can see we sometimes party in our run, and sometimes in the living room.  That’s special in the living room.  This year Mummy introduced us to Mr Percy, but she said I was too rough with him.  I always get over-enthusiastic at parties. Kevin puts up with it better, but then Mummy gave me a bird’s-eye view of him and Dougall having a game.

Introducing Mr Percy


He arrived Saturday last week, the 14th.  I didn’t talk about him last week because we had other things to talk about and anyway, I hadn’t had much to say to him by then.

He arrived on a very wet and dull Saturday afternoon.  Mummy said she saw him in the pet shop in the ‘Animals for adoption’ section the day before.  He’d been given to a rescue who send some of their animals to the pet shop to get them a bigger audience, whatever that means.  Mummy said he looked beautiful, but at 5 years old, and nearly all black, you’d think not many people would pick him as opposed to one of the cute babies they had.  He’s just got a little ginger spot on the back of his neck, otherwise he’s black.  I’m sure I heard Mummy said she wouldn’t have another black pig some time ago.  But these photos are from his cage in the petshop and his first reaction to living here.

Apparently he’d been living with a rabbit all that time, and when his owners moved they couldn’t take them with them.  The rabbit was for adoption too and he was all black, Mummy said.  Anyway, Mummy told us all about him, and how he’d fit in really well since he was an Older Pig, and I suppose she’s right.  He seems very self-contained; instead of hiding for the first day he sat down in his cage and ate his nice fresh hay like he’d been there forever.

His name used to be Mr Pig, but Mummy’s been calling him Mr P or Mr Percy all week, to get him used to the idea.  He seems very happy with it.  I reckon he’ll just be Percy before long, since we all get called Mr someone when Mummy’s being stern with us.

He seems like a nice chap.  He’s learned to wheek in hope when Mummy comes in from the garden.  I think he’s got a few teeth problems because she cuts his carrots up in sticks, then he can eat them.  I’ll tell you more when I get to know him better.

Oh dear :O

Mummy took me, Dougall and Kevin to the vet last week for a checkup.  She said we didn’t seem very happy at the moment.  Well, she was quite right, I haven’t felt really happy since Victor died, although Colman’s birthday party was fun.  We came out of mourning for Colman on Friday, in case you haven’t noticed.  Seven weeks already.  It doesn’t seem very long.  Although we’ve been missing him for ages.  Isn’t time funny?


So, we went to see Dr Sally for a ‘senior check-up’.  Senior?  Oh, I suppose so – it’s our fourth birthday at the end of next week.  Dr Sally checked us over and found we had each had lice!  Not a huge amount, just around our bottoms.  That’s a surprise really, because we had a bath a week or two ago, and we do our best to groom our coats properly.  Dr Sally wondered if Kevin had mobility problems these days and wasn’t getting right round to his backside enough.  Mummy said she’d watch him.  We all had ivermectin Spot-On on Saturday, Midge and Oscar included, when we also had super-cleaned cages, and Mummy had rewashed last weeks fleece on a higher temperature and with some disinfectant.  This week’s fleeces get the same treatment.  We get another ivermectin treatment next Saturday to make sure the lice eggs got done as well.  And if Mummy’s feeling really keen, we might even get a third dose later.

Dr Sally also checked my eyes, teeth and wee, since I was kind enough to give her a sample.  Kevin did too, and she said that might have been why he was looking so grumpy at her.  I have a funny tooth.  Mummy knew I had funny teeth, they’ve been on a slant for a few weeks, but one of my incisors has a funny patch.  Dr Sally said it would grow out and Mummy is going to monitor it. I hope monitoring it doesn’t hurt.  My eyes show normal age deterioration, too.  Mummy says she knows how that feels, but I’m not sure what she meant.

Anyway, we’re having some Biolapis for a few days “to boost our immune systems”, but I reckon it’s just to make us feel good. It certainly tastes nice.  Kev’s getting some metacam to see whether he’s got anything that’s actually hurting.  Not sure how that works, but Dr Sally knows best. He’s acting much better, so maybe she’s right.

And apparently it’s okay for me to have Vicks on my nose to help my breathing problem.  It may be okay for her, but what about me? It smells AWFUL.  But it does seem to help my breathing.

Midge is not such a bad chap

I’ve discovered Midge isn’t such a bad chap.  Okay, he farts a lot and makes funny gurgling noises, but as neighbours go, he’s not too bad.  He doesn’t stand at the bars between us, gnawing them incessantly, for example.  I’ve known pigs that did that and it really does make for a bad neighbourhood feeling.


A lot of the time I can retire to my loftspace and chill up there.  He tends to sit underneath me in his run, so I can get the fruity smells when they’re still ripe.  I don’t think Mummy realises how bad they are close up, or maybe she does, as she tends to comment on his boarly smells when she picks him up, and if humans can smell it, well….  I come back down more than I did, and sometimes chat to him through the grid that separates our runs.  I even sat next to him for a while last night.


I’m getting over Colman not being there.  Mummy was right, it’s hard at first, but he’ll never really leave us; he’s always there in our hearts.  We chat about him sometimes.  Remember the good times.  It doesn’t seem long since he went, though.  It’s just over six weeks now, and we come out of mourning on Friday.  Funny how some pigs take longer to leave than others.

Bath and a haircut

Mummy’s been threatening Dougall and me with a bath and haircut for ages.

Saturday it happened.

It’s not so bad, really.  I mean, I know I spend most of my time wondering whether I can jump out at the end where the little sea snake is.    But really, getting all wet, then getting wrapped up and dried with a towel and cuddled on Mummy’s lap while being rubbed with a towel, and then being blown with warm air is all very enjoyable.

We usually watch something on the picture box in the corner as well.  Saturday there were some tiny people in black running into tiny people in gold, all on a nice green square surrounded by a blue line.  And there was lots of cheering going on.  I don’t know whether it was some sort of dancing.  Mummy says there’s dancing on the box on Saturdays.  I thought you had to have music for dancing?

Anyway, we had our bath, and a haircut, and Mummy tidied up our hair yesterday morning to catch the bits she’d missed.  Look…


I look beautiful now.  I was looking a bit shaggy.  But now my coat is lovely and light and glossy and I smell even nicer than usual.  Mummy used Posh n Go.  We’re very posh.  Now I’ll go.


Ooooh – look!  I’m the Calendar Boar for November. Yippee!  That’s because it’s our birthday on the 27th.  We’ll be four years old.

What shall I say today?

It’s hard work this blogging business.  Sometimes I have nothing to say at all.  Mummy gets tips on what to do to keep your blog interesting.  Let me see….  make some lists – your Top Ten somethings.


OK  – My Top Ten Ways of not getting bored

  1. Eat grass.  I never get bored with grass
  2. Eat hay.  Can be boring, but not often
  3. Sleep.  Never boring
  4. Eat more grass.  You can never tire of grass.  Although Mummy tried very hard to give us too much grass the other day after she’d been to the Community Garden, as you can see in Kev’s photo.
  5. Tease Dougall.  I don’t tease Dougall a lot cos he’s my brother and a nice chap.  But c’mon, everybody’s allowed to tease their brother sometime…
  6. Try thinking up ten ways of not getting bored
  7. Counting the minutes till cucumber time
  8. Persuade Mummy to give you another cuddle time.  Preferably not one involving a bath first.
  9. Craft sculptures out of hard carrot sticks.  Saku was the master of this.  Not so much a boredom breaker as art therapy
  10. Hang out of the side of the cage watching Mummy.  She does lots of strange things and you have to guess what she’s doing.

There you go – I found ten.  That wasn’t so difficult.samp34f42b9e5c411154

And Mummy found something… a lot of people making lists today, so she added me to it!   Click the picture to go and see other lists!

Kevin’s still looking for someone to interview for next week.  If it can be you, leave a comment below.

Mummy took our fleece away

She did it last weekend and didn’t put it back today when she cleaned out our cages and changed Oscar’s fleece.  She put a thick layer of megazorb down instead.  I have to admit we had megazorb when we were very young, and it’s very good at keeping the place dry.  Our fleece got awfully wet, especially just by our hammock, where Dougall and I spend most of our time.


In the picture there’s the tent where our hammock usually is.  Mummy’s taken it out for washing.

We started out with the last bit of megazorb from the old sack, as we’ve had it in our corner trays all the time.  Then when she put some from the new sack in, it was softer and crumblier.  It smelled funny too, for a start.  Mummy says the smells easing off now the sack’s been open a week, but I still smell it.  It’s okay.  Better than some smells you might get when the cage is ready for cleaning.

I suppose it’s okay.  Fleece was softer, though.  We get more hay though, so we can spread it around a bit.  I suppose life has its compensations.

Oscar and Midge – then and now

Last weekend was the anniversary of Oscar and Midge coming to live with us.  Then they were small, polite little boys. Now they are huge, bossy, nose-into-everything troublemakers! Well, they’re improving, really.  Oscar now shows me proper respect when I’m roaming the floor in the morning, and keeps his distance until I’ve decided to go into my tent to go back to my cage.

Oscar & Midge 271114

Aren’t they cute there?  Sharing their food bowl like brothers should.   I share mine with Dougall.  That looks like birthday cake in there – maybe it was Dougall’s and mine – our birthday is at the end of next month.

Anyway, they fell out and Mummy had to move them into separate cages.

Midge went upstairs until last March, then he swapped with Hector, and now Colman’s gone he’s gone upstairs again, to have a larger cage to run around in and to keep Kevin company.  He’s a nice chap, really, cheeky, but quite relaxed with it, and he likes it when Mummy scratches his back.  Oscar’s just cheeky, but at least he’s more or less stopped biting the bars between our cages all day long.  It drove me mad.  Mummy put a white sheet of plastic stuff up between us to give me some peace.  He’s getting better with Mummy stroking him, too.  He goes all gooey when she scratches his head, and sometimes he’ll give her a nose-boop, too.  Some people just don’t know when they’re well off.

Apparently they weighed 660 grams when they first arrived, when they were three months old, and now Oscar is 1280 grams, which is nearly as much as me, and Midge is 1440 grams.  That’s nearly as much as Dougall.  I’ve trimmed down recently, to make myself lean and fit.  I think they should do that too.  Oscar doesn’t eat as much hay as he should, and they both clear their bowls before the afternoon’s over.  That’s silly, they won’t get any more till breakfast.

Kevin’s Birthday party

We celebrated Kevin’s official birthday last Thursday.  We had a party in the garden.  It’s okay for an hour or so in the sunshine at present, but Mummy has to go and dry the grass in the morning, and sweep the leaves off it.  Although they are very tasty leaves, she thinks we shouldn’t eat them.


Kevin had his cake with five candles on it, and he said it was yummy, so we all had a little piece when we got back in our cages.  Midge has moved in next to him, and Mummy let him go and say hello to Kev to see whether he wanted company at his party, but he didn’t.  So I let him get on with it and we ate grass and chatted through the fence until Mummy saw that I wanted to go in.  Those youngsters can stay out much longer than me.  It must be their curly coats.

It’s a whole year since Oscar and Midge came to live here. I suppose I can do a ‘then and now’ post for next week ;)

My life with Colman

Dylan told me I could write the post today, since it’s all about Colman, my buddy, who went over the Rainbow Bridge on Friday evening.

We were part of what was called the Great Exodus of 2012, when sixteen of us left our home on Jersey and came to England.  It was nice on Jersey, we liked being with Pigpog, who was our Mummy then, but she disappeared and there was a week or two when nothing much happened, although Auntie Sue made sure we had food and water, but it wasn’t like Pigpog looking after us.  Then we got packed into our travel boxes and had a long long time before we got out of them again.

Colman & Kevin arrive in their new home

We finally got into a nice cage again, with a daytime run, when we got to Mummy’s.  I settled in okay, but Colman hated it.  Well, he thought the accommodation and catering was good, but he didn’t like the person looking after us. He bit her whenever she tried to cuddle him.  Eventually he put up with the stroking and just bit her whenever she tried to do anything else with her.  I don’t know how Mummy managed, but she was very patient, and knew that Colman hated her for taking him away from Pigpog.  We did arrive in time for the Jubilee Party, though – that was great fun!

The Jubilee Seven

The Jubilee Seven

Then he finally worked out that Mummy was mummy now, and she wasn’t that bad.  I think he worked it out at Christmas, and by Valentine’s Day he’d fallen for her charms.  He was all charm when it came to having his photo taken, and he won a rosette for it – the one he is with in this photo posted the other day.

Be mine3

After that, it was a love affair, really.  Mummy got him a fab new sleeping bed, and he made good use of it.  In fact he’d got her so well trained by then that anything he wanted arrived more or less on time; breakfast, grass, treats, I watched as he wrapped her round his little toenail and wondered just how he did it.


I wasn’t really jealous, but I’d decided even before he got his bed that I wanted my own pad, I didn’t want to share any more.  Mummy was very clever when she realised we’d fallen out, because she split up the large C&C cage just by putting panels across the corner.  I got the smaller side with the loft extension, Colman got the larger side.  Mummy said it was because I was more agile and Colman was getting a little old to go up and down the ramp.  We still got together on the grass, and when we had to go in the box.  Actually, we felt a lot of solidarity about going in the box.  It was scary, really, because we always wondered if we’d not come back again.  One time we went a very long way, but not as bad as the time of the Exodus, but we were just going to have our teeth checked, since Hector had to go anyway.  Our teeth were fine, although Col’s were trimmed a little, just to neaten them up.

Colman's July breakfast

Col’s been rather poddly since he turned six, and Mummy got some special treat for him which helped his joints.  I tried them last spring but they upset my tummy, so Mummy told me not to get arthur-itis, which I expect is longhand for poddly.  I’ll try not to, Mummy.

We celebrated his seventh birthday with a yummy cake last month.  I’m glad we did that, he enjoyed it, and so did I. Dylan and Midge came visiting too, although I told Midge to keep his distance and pay proper respect to his elders.


Now Colman’s gone over the Rainbow Bridge.  I knew he was going because he was very poorly when Mummy took him out on Friday, and when he came back he had gone, and Mummy sat with him and me on her lap for ages so I could say goodbye to him.  I am happy she did that, but I’m not happy with the changes going on.  It was lonely on my own, but now I’ve got Midge next to me.  I suppose I’d just better teach him some manners.  Colman had impeccable manners.  I’ll  miss him.



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