A few of my favourite things

It was a funny week last week.  It was very cold on Monday and rained on Tuesday so we couldn’t go out on the grass.  Then Wednesday and Thursday were lovely, but Mummy was out all day – and all night, so we starved on Thursday.  Well, no, that’s not true.  If we’d left any of the extra food she left us on Wednesday we were fine.  By the time she got back on Thursday night nearly everything in my cage had been eaten, apart from the hay in the hay-rack.  Dougall and I save that for emergencies.  There were a few pellets in our bowls, too.  Friday was sort of cloudy and damp, but Mummy made us very wet by giving us a bath and a cuddle after, and that was lovely.  The haircut wasn’t.  But at least Dougall doesn’t get a dirty bottom now.  Hector had a bath too.

The good thing, though, was apart from carrots and celery (and a red pepper on Friday) all of the fresh food we had was from the garden.  We had

  • big stalks of salsify with yellow flowers on; Mummy grows this for the roots for herself in the winter, but we adore the nice leaves on it, and now it grows huge flower spikes and she thins them out by sharing a stalk between three cages.
  • one celery plant from the garden.  It was ok, but the shop bought has bigger stalks.
  • some baby broccoli plants, Mummy called them seedlings, they had grown from seeds she’d planted but she’d got enough to make big plants so we had the rest.  Very tasty.
  • some small kale plants, with nice leaves on them, which Mummy said she didn’t need as the plants she’d left would need more room to grow.
  • some baby beetroot leaves which are yummy.  We aren’t suppose to have them when they’re older because they are bad for us.
  • yet more red frilly lettuce.  I wish Mummy wouldn’t grow that but she says she’s got a packet of other lettuce seeds now, so it’s only a matter of time.
  • pak choi, which is very boring, but Mummy says its about the only thing that’s ready early in spring, so now it’s summer she’ll pull the rest out to make way for something nicer.  Goodie!
  • raspberry leaves – these are yummy and mummy says we’ve got so many raspberry plants they can spare a few most days
  • strawberry leaves.  This year they are smaller and pointier – Mummy says she didn’t look after her strawberries last year and we’ve got mainly wild strawberries, which aren’t as big.  They still taste okay to me.
  • a few tiny carrots – these were ‘thinnings’ too.  They aren’t as big as the carrot tops Uncle Michael brings us, but they are very nice.
  • herb leaves – there are some mint plants we like, and some we don’t like.  I think Mummy is starting to work that out as she hasn’t given us the one we don’t like since Monday.  She’s also given us one or two sage leaves and some oregano, which is very nice.  We’re not keen on the big herb fennel leaves, the other fennel is much nicer but Mummy says she hasn’t sown it yet.  Maybe this weekend.
  • some other leaves, like rudbeckia and apple and bean leaves (very yummy).

Colman's July breakfast

I’m sure I’ve missed something out.

oh.  GRASS!!!!  The best thing ever.  She brings us in a great pile each int he afternoon if we don’t go outside.  Sometimes it’s quite wet.  That’s when it’s been raining.  She’s right, I wouldn’t want to be out in the garden then.

Mummy’s quite clever, really.

What’s your favourite food?


Mummy tries an experiment



Mummy tried an experiment last week.  She put a huge big run up around one of the vegetable beds, and made sure we couldn’t get onto that to eat the yummy carrots and chard, and stuck one little run at the side all on its own. I was first out, so I went in the big run.  It was HUGE and I loved it.  I ran all the way round while she was getting Dougall to come and join me.

Dougall took one look at it and went into the tunnel.  He doesn’t like a lot of space, does Dougall.  He’s a funny guy, even if he is my brother and best buddy.  I don’t have to boss him about much because he knows I’m in charge.  I think he looks up to me, me being more important and so on.  He does say ‘no’ to me sometimes, but I let him do that to make him feel more important.

Anyway, after Dougall came out, Mummy brought Colman out.  Hey, Colman!  I haven’t seen you for ages!  How are you, buddy.  And by the way, you do know I’m the boss now, don’t you?  Colman didn’t seem to like my greeting and Mummy told me off for chasing him around so much, because he’s quite old and I should treat him with respect like I did Victor.  Well, I know that, but he kept running away rather than let me cuddle him, so I had to keep following him.  Mummy said I was too much for him and she put me in the little run at the side.  Apparently it’s called a ‘sin bin’.  What?? I haven’t done anything wrong!!

So Colman settled down and pretty much ignored Dougall, who pretty much ignored him too.

Then Midge came out.  Well, I was incensed.  Fancy Midge being in that run and me in the sin bin!  That’s atrocious.  He was just as keen on getting to know Colman as I was, so Mummy made another sin bin and this time Colman went in there; she said it wasn’t a sin bin it was an oldies corner.  Anyway, I jumped out of the sin bin and came round the side of the other veg bed to see what was going on, and Mummy picked me up and put me back in the sin bin.  It wasn’t for long.  I saw that Dougall and Midge were eating grass happily together (Traitor, Dougall!) so I jumped out again to put him straight.  Mummy sighed and took me out of the sin bin and watched to see me make friends with Midge.

Huh.  That Midge isn’t very friendly!  He didn’t give me respect at all!  He almost seemed to think he was as big as me.  Youngsters!  What a cheek.  I soon told him what was what, and chased him off as well, stamping on Dougall’s and my territory.  He was brave enough to turn and tell me he had a right to be there, but Mummy was watching, and she told us both off for squabbling, and put Midge in the sin bin.

Then she made the run round the veggie bed into half a run, and Kevin came into the other half.  We had a chat through the bars, but he was too busy eating grass for much chat.  I haven’t got much time for eating grass these days.  I have to keep checking up on everyone.  That’s what leaders do, you know.

It’s hard work being in charge.

PS Hec and Oscar stayed indoors that day, but they came out the next day and all was normal again.  Thank goodness.

Oops. I forgot

Dylan here.

Sorry, I forgot to post a post today.  I’ve been out in the garden eating grass.  I do a  lot of checking up on Oscar and Midge while I’m eating grass, making sure they are doing their job properly.  Midge is pretty good.  Oscar comes over and pokes his nose into my business.  I don’t like that.  I’m feeling hungry a lot at the moment.  Mummy wants to know why I’ve lost weight, but I can’t tell her.  I just have.


Here’s a picture of me with Colman and Kevin the other day.

Kevin interviews Auntie Janet

Hi, Kevin here.  After I got over my tummy trouble I sent some interview questions to Auntie Janet and this is what she said.  I know it’s not as clever as Dylan’s interview, but I hope you like it anyway.
Dear Kevin
These are our interview answers, I hope you like them! Firstly, you should know that I live in the San Francisco Bay area with my piggies, and I’m a stay-at-home slave to them.  I guess your mom is a stay-at-home writer-slave, isn’t she?

K: That’s right, Auntie Janet! Who are your guinea pigs and what are their favourite things?

J: I have 2 guinea pigs. Kevin and Prudence. They are brother / sister. They were home-grown piggies and born on 1-20-2011 There favorite things are: corner tents created by using fleece…. They hide in and sleep in these tents at all times of the day. And they LOVE their water bottles. Prudence especially loves her water bottle. Which she affectionately calls: “Her Food Max Spring Water”… (Because you know ‘Food Max’ has a mountain with ‘spring water’ where they get their supply). Silly piggy.

K: Why did you become a guinea pig slave?

J: I became a guinea pig slave as an innocent. There I was… minding my own business… at a local Pet Store. Went in to buy goldfish food. Of course…. I can’t walk into a pet store without LOOKING at the guinea pigs. I went over to look. I asked an assistant…. Where are your guinea pigs? She said… We don’t have any? I said… What? NO Guinea Pigs? She said…. I take that back…. We have ONE guinea pig? I said…. Where? She said… In back…. He is in quarantine. I said…. Why? She said. Cause this piggy was a ‘drop off’. I said…. What does that mean? She said… When a family drops off a piggy…. We can’t sell it. We can ‘adopt it out’. You donate $5 and we will GIVE you a: cage, food, house, hay and anything else you may need. I asked to meet the pig. She brought out: (the original) Kevin. He was just so noisy and loud with his squeaks. I loved it! So I gave her my card and said call me when he is out of quarantine. Four days later, I was a PROUD owner of my first guinea pig (not including the ‘Fluffy’ — I had as a kid). Little did I know…. My life…. Just at that moment…. Changed Forever!! For the better….. much, much better. This original Kevin taught me the meaning of the word ‘Slave’. I would bring him veggies and hay… morning, noon and night…. and whenever… I was TRAINED to his squeal!! He was a GREAT first piggy.

K: That’s really clever of him, Auntie Janet.  We’ve got Mummy pretty well trained (well I think Fred, George and Hugo did that) but she’s clever enough to check whether we really mean it or not.  The funniest thing is when it’s cucumber time in the evening… but maybe I’ll tell you about that another time.  What do you like most about being a GP slave?

J: The best thing about being a GP slave is having a schedule. Kevin and Prudence wake up to a yummy distribution of hay, along with lettuce… followed by a vitamin C. ALL of these things are DELIVERED STRAIGHT to their individual rooms where they are trained to eat separately. (Although lately, Prudence has realized Kevin eats slower than her). Prudence!! Anyway, this ‘schedule’ continues onto lunch and dinner WITH snacks – in-between. And Mummy (aka: “The SLAVE” has to be QUIET…. during nap times). Sigh. And finally, ANOTHER best thing about being a GP slave is having multiple bibs. My mother-in-law sewed us SEVERAL jean bibs. We grab these every time we hold our piggies. They will collect any poo, hay, droppings, veggies…. and help if they decide to pee!! These are our survival bibs!! Couldn’t live without em.

K:  I think Mummy uses a towel instead of bibs.  Towels are lovely and cosy.  What favourite memories do you have of your guinea pigs?
J: A favorite memory is… My video of Kevin and Prudence enjoying my home-grown wheat grass. It was my FIRST pick of the season…. Enjoy!!

K: Gosh!  Moving pictures!  I wonder if Mummy has any of me?  Tell us a secret that we promise not share with anyone except readers of the blog. ;)
J: I’ve tried GP kibble… and I LIKE it!!

Wow!  That was a really super secret!  Thank you ever so much, Auntie Janet, for being our first interviewee (apart from Mummy)
Kevin xxx

It’s all gone very quiet

Mummy went out of the front door yesterday with her big blue bag.  That’s bad news.  She only takes her big blue bag when we’re going to be alone for some days.  She said Uncle Michael and Auntie Rosemary will be looking after us every day and Auntie Vikki will come in once or twice too.  Well, that’s very nice, and I like all of them very much, especially if they give me loads of food.

But Hector, Colman and Kevin aren’t here, and Midge is downstairs in Hector’s cage.  Mummy took the three of them for a holiday on Saturday.  She said they’d be back next Sunday.  It’s because they need medicines every day and it’s not fair to ask Auntie Rosemary to do medicines.  I hope they have a nice time on their holiday.  To be fair, Hector is so quiet we don’t know he’s gone.  He took his camouflage snugglesac and his tartan tunnel with him, and Colman took his  his snugglesac and his tent, since the pair of them snuggle up in that together in the garden.  Kevin went because he hasn’t been pooping.  Dr Sally will sort him out, I expect.  He took his grey tunnel and his purple snugglesac.

I’ve never had a holiday.  I’m deprived.


Victor’s Day

It’s already one year since Victor went to the Rainbow Bridge.  Mummy remembers it very well, since she says she had a moment when he visited her to say goodbye, along with George and Hugo.  She was in the middle of a game of golf at the time, so she thinks it’s real.  Why doubt it, Mummy?

Victor 200214

I sort of miss Victor, but he was very old and not well at all, so he’s happy at the Rainbow Bridge and I’ll see him there sometime.  And meet George and Fred and Hugo.  And tease Humphrey again.  I miss Humphrey.

Mummy’s up to something again

I can always tell when Mummy’s up to something.  She tells us things with a very serious tone of voice, and I don’t really understand what she’s saying about France and stuff.  But she’s been making lists and leaving them by our cages and things like that.  She mutters about how much food to leave in the fridge, and whether we’ve got enough hay.

I just hope she isn’t going to pack that big blue bag of hers.

At least we had some fun in the garden at the weekend.

George’s Guinea Pig world has a new URL

I thought it would be good to align the website with the Facebook page address, so the main address of this website is now georgesgpworld.uk 

It doesn’t really make a lot of difference to you, as your saved links will redirect automatically, but you may notice it says something different in your browser URL line.  It’s still us, and nothing else changes.

If you should discover that links aren’t working properly, please let us know in the comments.  Thanks.

Dylan interviews Mummy

I’m sitting here with Mummy, and she’s finished bribing me with cucumber, and she’s combed my hair (ouch!), and now I’m going to ask her some Very Difficult questions.

D: Who’s your favourite guinea pig.

M: Well, you are, of course, Dylan.  Although it might be whoever’s sitting on my lap at the time.  If Kevin reads this, he’ll see his name there, because I’ve put some magic into the computer.

D: I told you Mummy was tricksy, everyone, and that just proves it, doesn’t it!  What do you do when you go outside through the front door?

M: Well, most of the time I get in the car and go somewhere.  You’ve been in the car, so you know what that’s like.

D: Yes, but what do you do mostly?

M: Mostly I suppose I go to play golf, and most times when I play golf I come home past the shop and get you some veggies.  The big shop usually has food with the day’s date on special offer, and as you know, it’s always good for another week, not that it usually gets that far.  Someone (naming no names) eats it.

D: That would be Kevin, then.

M: Yes, Kevin is one of the eaters of veggies.  I know some people whose names begin with D that eat them too.  And wheek loudly when I come back in the house rustling bags.

D: We’re just welcoming you home.

M: Me and the bags of veggies, I think.

D: Well, yes.  I mean, they’re important.

M: You’re quite right.

D: Why do some veggies come in bags and some come from the garden?

M: It all depends on things like the time of year and whether you’ve already eaten everything nice for breakfast that was in the garden.  Shall I tell you about the ‘hungry gap’?

D: You’re not talking about my empty tummy, are you?

M: No, I’m talking about the time between about February and now when there’s not much in the way of food in the garden.  Up to February there are things like cabbages and kale, and if the ground isnt too frosty I’ll have some carrots and celeriac hiding under the fleece to keep, well, not frozen.  Then when those have gone there’s nothing grown big enough to eat in the garden until about now.  You’ve been getting salsify leaves for a month, and last week you had some herbs and some strawberry leaves, but if I take too many of those, the plants won’t grow well and we’ll go hungry later.  Then I’ll have to go to the shop for things we should have grown ourselves.

D: I like talking about food.  What else will we get from the garden soon?

M: Well, I planted out the lettuce and beans last week.  You might get a bean leaf each, once a week, since I reckon each plant can spare one a week without harming it for later.  The lettuce will grow quickly once they get going, and the radishes I sowed about three weeks ago will be ready to eat soon.

D: I don’t think I like radishes.

M: Kevin likes them.  They’re okay when they’re young.  They get a bit strong later, don’t they.  I don’t like them much when they’re strong either.  But they help the carrots and things grow.

D: CARROTS!!  When can we have carrots?

M: The ones I sowed in the autumn didn’t grow very well, but there are a few that might be worth eating in a week or so.  There are lots more I’ve sowed each month since March, so hopefully you’ll be eating them by the end of June.

D: That sounds lovely.  One more question?

M: OK.

D: Why does it always rain on days we want to go out and eat grass?

M: I don’t know, Dyl, but if you can stop it but still make sure we have enough rain for the plants to grow, just fix it, okay?

D: OK, Mummy, I’ll do that.  Thank you very much for being the first person we’ve interviewed.

Monday meanderings

Did you see what I did there?  I did a M M sound.  It’s got a clever name for it, but I can’t remember what it is.  I’m only a guinea pig, and I haven’t been to school.  Well, not school where they teach writing and grammar. I have learnt how to blog ‘on the job’ as they say.

Kevin and I had a long chat and decided some things:

  • we would try to blog every Monday in future
  • it might get boring for you if we just told you what we did each week
  • we could interview people
  • we could tell more stories about our friends
  • we could tell you what silly things Mummy has done this week
  • we could ask you for ideas

We think those last two are quite clever.  What would you like to hear about?  Have you got ideas for us?

.. and…

would you like us to interview you?

Leave a comment below with your suggestions and whether you would like to be interviewed.  Mummy will send you our questions when we’ve thought of them.  They might be different each time.  We’ve never interviewed anybody before but you’re part of our world, so why not.  We also have started a list of people we think would be fun to interview and we might ask them.

We’re going to show you how difficult it is next week, when we interview Mummy!

See you then!



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