Mummy’s up to something again

I can always tell when Mummy’s up to something.  She tells us things with a very serious tone of voice, and I don’t really understand what she’s saying about France and stuff.  But she’s been making lists and leaving them by our cages and things like that.  She mutters about how much food to leave in the fridge, and whether we’ve got enough hay.

I just hope she isn’t going to pack that big blue bag of hers.

At least we had some fun in the garden at the weekend.

George’s Guinea Pig world has a new URL

I thought it would be good to align the website with the Facebook page address, so the main address of this website is now 

It doesn’t really make a lot of difference to you, as your saved links will redirect automatically, but you may notice it says something different in your browser URL line.  It’s still us, and nothing else changes.

If you should discover that links aren’t working properly, please let us know in the comments.  Thanks.

Dylan interviews Mummy

I’m sitting here with Mummy, and she’s finished bribing me with cucumber, and she’s combed my hair (ouch!), and now I’m going to ask her some Very Difficult questions.

D: Who’s your favourite guinea pig.

M: Well, you are, of course, Dylan.  Although it might be whoever’s sitting on my lap at the time.  If Kevin reads this, he’ll see his name there, because I’ve put some magic into the computer.

D: I told you Mummy was tricksy, everyone, and that just proves it, doesn’t it!  What do you do when you go outside through the front door?

M: Well, most of the time I get in the car and go somewhere.  You’ve been in the car, so you know what that’s like.

D: Yes, but what do you do mostly?

M: Mostly I suppose I go to play golf, and most times when I play golf I come home past the shop and get you some veggies.  The big shop usually has food with the day’s date on special offer, and as you know, it’s always good for another week, not that it usually gets that far.  Someone (naming no names) eats it.

D: That would be Kevin, then.

M: Yes, Kevin is one of the eaters of veggies.  I know some people whose names begin with D that eat them too.  And wheek loudly when I come back in the house rustling bags.

D: We’re just welcoming you home.

M: Me and the bags of veggies, I think.

D: Well, yes.  I mean, they’re important.

M: You’re quite right.

D: Why do some veggies come in bags and some come from the garden?

M: It all depends on things like the time of year and whether you’ve already eaten everything nice for breakfast that was in the garden.  Shall I tell you about the ‘hungry gap’?

D: You’re not talking about my empty tummy, are you?

M: No, I’m talking about the time between about February and now when there’s not much in the way of food in the garden.  Up to February there are things like cabbages and kale, and if the ground isnt too frosty I’ll have some carrots and celeriac hiding under the fleece to keep, well, not frozen.  Then when those have gone there’s nothing grown big enough to eat in the garden until about now.  You’ve been getting salsify leaves for a month, and last week you had some herbs and some strawberry leaves, but if I take too many of those, the plants won’t grow well and we’ll go hungry later.  Then I’ll have to go to the shop for things we should have grown ourselves.

D: I like talking about food.  What else will we get from the garden soon?

M: Well, I planted out the lettuce and beans last week.  You might get a bean leaf each, once a week, since I reckon each plant can spare one a week without harming it for later.  The lettuce will grow quickly once they get going, and the radishes I sowed about three weeks ago will be ready to eat soon.

D: I don’t think I like radishes.

M: Kevin likes them.  They’re okay when they’re young.  They get a bit strong later, don’t they.  I don’t like them much when they’re strong either.  But they help the carrots and things grow.

D: CARROTS!!  When can we have carrots?

M: The ones I sowed in the autumn didn’t grow very well, but there are a few that might be worth eating in a week or so.  There are lots more I’ve sowed each month since March, so hopefully you’ll be eating them by the end of June.

D: That sounds lovely.  One more question?

M: OK.

D: Why does it always rain on days we want to go out and eat grass?

M: I don’t know, Dyl, but if you can stop it but still make sure we have enough rain for the plants to grow, just fix it, okay?

D: OK, Mummy, I’ll do that.  Thank you very much for being the first person we’ve interviewed.

Monday meanderings

Did you see what I did there?  I did a M M sound.  It’s got a clever name for it, but I can’t remember what it is.  I’m only a guinea pig, and I haven’t been to school.  Well, not school where they teach writing and grammar. I have learnt how to blog ‘on the job’ as they say.

Kevin and I had a long chat and decided some things:

  • we would try to blog every Monday in future
  • it might get boring for you if we just told you what we did each week
  • we could interview people
  • we could tell more stories about our friends
  • we could tell you what silly things Mummy has done this week
  • we could ask you for ideas

We think those last two are quite clever.  What would you like to hear about?  Have you got ideas for us?

.. and…

would you like us to interview you?

Leave a comment below with your suggestions and whether you would like to be interviewed.  Mummy will send you our questions when we’ve thought of them.  They might be different each time.  We’ve never interviewed anybody before but you’re part of our world, so why not.  We also have started a list of people we think would be fun to interview and we might ask them.

We’re going to show you how difficult it is next week, when we interview Mummy!

See you then!


Wheekings about the A to Z Challenge

IMG_1844 IMG_1842

I’m very glad I did the A to Z Challenge.  Victor did it and now so have I.  Kevin helped me a lot.  I couldn’t have done it without him.

We spent lots of time looking for pictures of our friends, and finding the best ones.  Sometimes we couldn’t decide which to use so we used them all.  Well, not all, just all the ones we couldn’t choose between.  Sometimes Mummy did all the hard work about finding photos and putting them in the system because we’re not much good at that.  George could do it, but he was super-clever.

I did try to go round other blogs.  There were so many of them!  Mummy said to stick to the ones with AN after their names because that meant they were animals.  I did that and found most of them were dogs.  I’m sorry, dogs are very nice, especially Dixie and Dillon (hey, great name even if you can’t spell, mate!) but we are programmed to run away from dogs, so I found them very scary.  There was one blog about frogs, but it didn’t have AN on it.  Mummy found it and showed it to me.  After a few days of visiting I got tired, and it was tiring enough blogging, so I’m afraid we stopped visiting.  I know we should, and Mummy says she’ll let us know if there are some more blogs we’d like and we can go visit them later in the year, when we’ve recovered.

We had some nice new visitors and it was lovely meeting them.  Especially Val Bale, Sabina Ayne, Katie thecyborgmom, That’s Purrfect, Dixie and Dillon, Alex Hurst, Darla M Sands, JeremyH, Hannah G, Susan Kane, Auntie Rebecca, KaTy Did, Auntie Doris, The Hatching Cat, Antonia Hurst, Geoff, Eunice, Tawnya, Chrys Fey, Li, NotAPunkRocker, Shawn, Julie Fisher, Sarah Fergusson, eclecticalli, Catwoman, Cherdo, NJMagas, CompgeekDavid, Gene’O, Jeanne Melanson, Veronica, Liz Young, Natasha Duncan-Drake, Amy Fahrer,Venus Marie Lay, Helen Hollick, Romi, Clicksclan, Jen, and of course Auntie Dawn and Mummy.  And a special mention to Sarah Wathen, BMLilith, Russell Deasley and 5 Piggies in a Pot who are also following us.

Phew!  Kevin and I promise to visit you soon!


We did it!

We’ve finished the A to Z Challenge.

Mummy says we have to keep up our blogging now, maybe not every day, but decide when we’re going to do it and stick to it.  Maybe once a week.

Maybe we’ll do one a week.  Starting on Monday.

Today I’ll just tell you it’s May 1st and Mummy has changed the calendar.  I think the picture wasn’t that interesting, but it did include Humphrey in the garden so I’ve picked a different Humphrey in the garden picture for you.  There are small pictures of George and Victor in May, too, but that’s because it’s their anniversaries this month.

Colman and Hector are both feeling their age today, which is a shame as it’s Hector’s Official Birthday and he’s five years old today.  So we’re not having a party, but we wish Hector a happy birthday anyway.  Hector had his teeth trimmed by Mummy this morning, so no wonder he’s not feeling good. Colman just wants to sleep today.  He even left some of his red pepper, which he usually eats first.

Kevin and I are just recovering after our April Posting Marathon.  I’m glad I did it, but I don’t want to do it again.  It was nice to meet lots of lovely new people though.  Mummy says I have to post on Monday to talk about all the things I thought of in the A to Z, so I’ll talk about that then.


I don’t know anyone whose name begins with Z.  Mummy tried to find someone and she noticed Auntie Tanis used to have a Zingy, and someone she didn’t know had a Zak.  Mummy has someone in her books called Dr Zelli, and I asked her if I could talk about him.  She said “Of course, but you know he’s one of my friends, don’t you?”  I didn’t know that.  I didn’t know Mummy put her friends in our books, I thought it was only guinea pigs.

Dr. Zelli is very clever.  He is in one of the short stories Mummy wrote for the 2013 A to Z, also for Z, called Zephyrs.  In that, Fred is preparing to give a talk at his Natural Philosophy Summer School in Castle Marsh, and he misses Dr Zelli’s talk, because he’s too busy getting ready and being nervous.  Dr Zelli talks about governance.  That means different way people sort out who decides things.  Mummy says this gets quite important in the last two books, and although we’ve only met Dr Zelli in Bravo Victor, we might meet him again.  Or he might just be talked about by Fred.  She hasn’t decided yet.  As long as I’m in the last book, I don’t mind.  I was in the X post that same year, and she says that’s important for the last book too.

Anyway, that’s the end of our A to Z Challenge blog thing.  Kevin and I did 26 blog posts about our friends, well, 22 about our friends, one about quizzes, one about uncles and a couple about people that weren’t really our friends.  I’m exhausted.  I need a nice long sleep in my tent out on the grass, then a nice lot of grass to fill my tummy.  Although maybe I’ll do the grass thing first and then take a nap.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you come back again.


Hey, Kevin! We did it!

Yumi and Yoda

I don’t know any piggies with names beginning with Y, but Colman says he knew a very sweet white Abyssinian-Rex cross called Yumi.  That must be when we were in Jersey.  He said yes, but you weren’t there then, meaning me.

We haven’t any photos of her, so it doesn’t really help much, does it?  Her slave PigPog called her a giant cotton wool ball.

And then there was Yoda.  Mummy said that was the only other piggy beginning with Y she’d heard of, and she didn’t know him.

YodaAccording to Mummy he lived in Colorado with a nice person who used the name Rhino on the forum.  But that was the name of Yoda’s friend.

It looks to me like Yoda is a sheltie, like Humphrey and Saku.  I know Mummy likes shelties.  Maybe she’ll get another one day.  But not yet because she says she’s got too many piggies at the moment so we can’t go on holiday with her.  We all want to go on holiday with her, so I don’t know what’s going to happen.  Best not think about it, I think.

This is my last post for the A to Z Challenge.  I’m Kevin, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it.  Bye bye.



I’ve never met him, but Auntie Doris and Uncle Bob have a piggy called Xanadu.  This is him with his friend Nighthawk.

Xanadu and Nighthawk

He’s a Rex breed, like Oscar and Midge (although he’s not related, I don’t think).  He’s also a Himalayan marked pig.  Auntie Doris says he takes after his himmy side more than his rex side, because rexes are laid back and himmies are nuts.  She does!  this is what she said:

“All himmies are nuts. Longhaired, short haired, skinny, they are all nuts, having had experience of keeping Short haired versions and the skinny versions, and have met several longhaired versions. Black himmies seem to be more nuts that Chocolate himmies, but chocolate ones are still a bit nuts”

Well, you can see what I said about Lupin-Buckmore and he was a himmy too!

It’s funny, though.  She says rexes being laid back, but Oscar and Midge are anything but.  They’re real troublemakers.  Mummy says they just want to make friends and have fun (but not with each other).  I wish they were a bit more laid back.


Willoughby was an agouti and white smooth haired boar who lived in an apartment in New York.  And he was a ninja.

He lived with Uncle Wayne and Auntie Dawn, and with Saku, and then with Atticus.  Dawn called him the Loaf pig.  I don’t know why, except he used to make himself comfortable on Uncle Wayne’s chest when he was lying on the sofa.  I’ve met Uncle Wayne and I’d do that too, if I was there.

He got up to all sorts of things but one of his favourites was tossing his pigloo and then complaining he couldn’t sit on it.  His Momma used to laugh at him for that.  He was very good at sitting on his pigloo, even when he grew far too big for it.  That was his ninja training.


He died suddenly in January and we were all very shocked.  Mummy had already started writing his story, which is the next book in the Princelings seres, but he’s in The Talent Seekers and a lot of short stories too, because he’s Willoughby the Narrator.  And a ninja.  He’s a very exciting person to know!


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